Who are the hosts of CTV Morning Live?

Who are the hosts of CTV Morning Live?

Meet the Team | CTV Morning Live Ottawa

  • Leslie Roberts.
  • Annette Goerner.
  • Rosey Edeh.

Who are the CTV newscasters?

The anchors are Lisa LaFlamme on weekdays, and Sandie Rinaldo on weekends. The program is also broadcast in High-Definition. LaFlamme succeeded longtime weekday anchor Lloyd Robertson during the second half of 2011, following Robertson’s retirement.

Who is the new girl on CTV Morning Live?

Amanda Debison. CTV Morning Live’s news anchor.

Where did Jennifer Grudić go?

Most recently, she worked with CBC Newfoundland and Labrador before returning to Halifax to join CTV Atlantic in 2019. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her son Zachary and fiancé Andrew Zachary, along with their two dogs – Zoey and Chloe.

Who is the new weather girl on Your Morning?

Kelsey McEwen – Chief Meteorologist, Co-Host of Your Morning – Bell Média | LinkedIn.

Where is Anna from CTV News?

Anna McMillan is a reporter and co-anchor with CTV News Vancouver Island. Her reporting focuses on social welfare, particularly corrections, mental health and social services. Anna is from the Prairies, working in Edmonton and Saskatoon before moving to the West Coast.

Who is the new anchor for CTV News?

Todd Battis named chief anchor, CTV News at Six With decades of experience in the industry, Todd Battis brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as CTV News Atlantic’s editorial leader. Todd Battis sat behind the desk as chief anchor for CTV News at Six for the first time Monday evening.

Who is ceilidh millar?

Ceilidh Millar is a co-host based out of Halifax, who produces content for CTV Morning Live and CTV News at 5. Originally from Vancouver, Ceilidh began her journalism career at age 16 when she was selected as a student reporter for a local news program.

Is Marie Adsett still with CTV?

Marie Adsett is no longer with CTV Atlantic. Marie Adsett joined the CTV Atlantic News team in 2013 and has served as a reporter, anchor, producer and assignment editor.

Where is Amanda Debison from?

Lower Sackville, N.S.
Amanda grew up in Lower Sackville, N.S. Her love for the Maritimes has kept her in the region through school and work. She earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Dalhousie University before enrolling at the Nova Scotia Community College where she studied broadcast journalism.

Did Kelsey mcewan have her baby?

Sign up for Yahoo Lifestyle Canada’s newsletter! Kelsey McEwen is getting real about being a new mom for the third time. The Canadian CTV “Your Morning” meteorologist shared an emotional message to social media, admitting that she has been feeling “lost” since welcoming her third child, Charlotte, in May.

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