Who are the Bilderbergers?

Who are the Bilderbergers?

The Bilderbergers, a powerful international secret society made up of six hundred wealthy and influential individuals,has an aggressive plan to achieve world domination.

Who attends Bilderberg meetings?

The attendees include royalty, presidents, prime ministers, chief executives of major international conglomerates, media moguls, and world bankers. The first Bilderberg meeting was held during 1954.

What happened to the Bilderberg Group?

The Bilderberg Group is in the process of regrouping, yet certainly has not been stopped with continuing plans to achieve their goals. The Bilderberg Group supported the formation of the EU and plans to do more. The plans to form the North American Union that would join Canada, the USA, and Mexico,…

Will Henry Kissinger be at Bilderberg?

^ Caroline Moorehead (18 April 1977). “Times Profile: The Bilderberg Group”. The Times. p. 9. Henry Kissinger will be there. So will Helmut Schmidt, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Joseph Luns, Giovanni Agnelli and Mrs Thatcher.

Why does the Bilderberg Group like perpetual wars?

The Bilderberg Group, started by an ex-Nazi, likes to see the continuation of perpetual wars because they are so profitable and they can fund the needs of both sides. Even if a nuclear war breaks out, there are huge underground cities that are completely self-contained, where the elite could live safely.

Who is the chairman of the Bilderberg Group?

The current Chairman is Henri de Castries . The first conference was held at the Bilderberg Hotel (Hotel de Bilderberg) in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, from 29 to 31 May 1954. The hotel gave its name both to the group and to the “Bilderbergers” who participate in its activities.

What is the long-term goal of the Bilderberg Group?

The long-term goal for the Bilderberg Group is a borderless world, with no nation states, ruled by a one world government that is controlled by the super elite.

When was the last time Bilderberg was held?

In June 2019, the last Bilderberg meeting before the Covid pandemic was held in Montreux, Switzerland (at the shore of lake Geneva). it was also the last Bilderberg Meeting which is known to have taken place to this date. It is unknown whether a 2021 Bilderberg Meeting was held.

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