Who are Julfans?

Who are Julfans?

The New Julfans were the most notorious group of Armenians in the capital. In 1603, this specific group of merchants was deported by Shah Abbas I (r. 1587-1629) from the region of Nakhchevan to Isfahan, his new capital.

What did ghetto mean during the reformation?

During the course of the 19th century, it came to be used (often in a negative sense) to refer to areas of dense Jewish settlement in eastern Europe that were neither compulsory, segregated, nor enclosed.

What country is julfa in?

New Julfa

New Julfa Նոր Ջուղա
Country Iran
Province Isfahan Province
Counties Isfahan County
City Isfahan

What is ghetto in history?

ghetto, formerly a street, or quarter, of a city set apart as a legally enforced residence area for Jews. One of the earliest forced segregations of Jews was in Muslim Morocco when, in 1280, they were transferred to segregated quarters called millahs.

What is the ghetto in the book night?

What were the ghettos? “Mini” concentration camps in towns where Jews were forced to live before taken to the camps.

What is Jolfa famous for?

Jolfa is important in two dimensions, one economic and the other historical and cultural, especially due to the existence of Iranian Christians who are among the religious minorities in Iran. Jolfa is the zero point of Iran’s border.

What’s another word for ghetto?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ghetto, like: ghettoes, slum, ghettos, barrio, the-slums, favelas, shantytown and hell-hole.

What is a ghetto girl?

Finally, girls who were involved in strictly face-to-face physical fights were often constructed as “ghetto girls,” which highlighted racist stereotypes about violence in these schools.

Who offered Elie’s refuge?

Who offers Eliezer’s family safe refuge? Martha was a former non-Jewish servant of the Wiesel family. She visited the family in the ghetto and offered them safe refuge in her village. Elie’s father refused to leave.

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