Which turbine has highest speed?

Which turbine has highest speed?

Explanation: The specific speed of Kaplan turbine ranges from 600 to 1000 rpm. It is a low head axial flow turbine. From the table, we can conclude that the Kaplan turbine has the highest specific speed.

How much power can a Pelton wheel produce?

The maximum electrical power generated is 16.89 watts by using operational parameters of 4.6 m water head and 9 mm nozzle diameter. The larger nozzle diameter will drain more fluid and create higher flow rate which rotates the Pelton turbine. This higher rotation in the generator will produce higher electric power.

What are Pelton turbines used for?

Pelton turbines are used for electricity generation in hydraulic power plants. They are suitable for operation when water energy is available at high head and low flow rate. In a Pelton turbine, the energy extracted from the kinetic energy of the water is used for the rotation of the impeller.

What are the four main types of turbines?

There are, as noted above, four major kinds of reaction turbines in wide use: the Kaplan, Francis, Deriaz, and propeller type. In fixed-blade propeller and adjustable-blade Kaplan turbines (named after the Austrian inventor Victor Kaplan), there is essentially an axial flow through the machine.

What happens if the turbine generators are smaller and operate much longer?

if the turbine generators are smaller and operate much longer total work is reduced. Explanation: The generator, which converts mechanical energy into electricity, is the most important part of a wind turbine.

Which turbine has highest discharge?

Explanation: Based on heads and discharges, turbines are classified into Pelton, Francis or Kaplan. Kaplan has low head and high discharge.

Can a water turbine power a house?

Most of the hydropower systems used by homeowners and small business owners, including farmers and ranchers, would qualify as microhydropower systems. But a 10-kilowatt microhydropower system generally can provide enough power for a large home, a small resort, or a hobby farm.

Why Pelton turbine has low discharge?

Pelton turbine is used for high head for converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. In this turbine, the discharge required is comparatively low. Penstock conveys water from head race to distributor fitted with nozzle. The nozzle converts all the available energy of water into kinetic energy of jet [1].

Where are Pelton wheels used?

hydroelectric plants
A Pelton turbine or Pelton wheel is a type of hydro turbine (specifically an impulse turbine) used frequently in hydroelectric plants. These turbines are generally used for sites with heads greater than 300 meters.

Is Pelton wheel axial or radial?

Example: Pelton wheel turbine. Radial flow turbines: In this type of turbines, the water strikes in the radial direction.

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