Where is the best surf in Noosa?

Where is the best surf in Noosa?

Surf’s Up: The Best Surf Spots in Noosa

  • First Point. It’s all in the name.
  • Tea Tree Bay (Noosa National Park)
  • Granite Bay (Noosa National Park)
  • Sunshine Beach.
  • Double Island Point.
  • Alexandria Bay (Noosa National Park)
  • Any of these spots are worth a trip just for a little peace of mind and sand between the toes.

Is it safe to surf at Noosa?

Noosa – Sunshine Beach Surf Guide Waves at the beach break both left and right. The quality of the surf isn’t affected by the tide. When it’s working here, it can get crowded. Beware of rips, locals, sharks and jellyfish.

How big are the waves at Noosa?

Current Surf Report for Tea Tree (Noosa) Current Conditions

Low 4:18AM 2.26ft
High 9:46AM 4.59ft
Low 3:43PM 1.67ft
High 10:32PM 6.04ft

Can you swim in the Noosa River?

NOOSA RIVER FORESHORE – A LITTLE POCKET OF JOY This beautiful river is unlike any other, it’s safe for swimming, has sandy banks lined with grassy parks and shaded trees that make it the perfect spot for a dip.

Does Noosa have a surf beach?

First Point – Noosa Main Beach Located at the far end of Noosa Main Beach next to the National Park, it has smaller waves that are great for newbies wanting to learn to surf. This area offers quality right-hand waves and the best point breaks for beginners on a smaller swell. Here you can cruise a ride of 50 – 200m!

Is Sunshine Beach a good surf beach?

Sunshine Beach is a peaky open beach break with a lot more size than some of the other point breaks in the Sunshine Coast area. This also means in the summer time it is more susceptible to cross and onshore winds (NE & SE) creating choppy messy surf.

Is Noosa Main Beach a surf beach?

Noosa Main Beach Surf Guide Noosa Main Beach in Sunshine Coast is an exposed beach break that has pretty consitent surf The best wind direction is from the south southwest and there is no shelter here from cross shore breezes.

Does Noosa River have sharks?

Overall, Noosa doesn’t have shark-infested waters. The waters around the beach and river areas are generally safe but as with entering any waterway, caution should be taken.

Are there sharks in Upper Noosa River?

Re: can you swim in the Noosa River? There is absolutely bull sharks in the Noosa river! Especially the upper reaches, but it’s safe to swim where the water is clear.

How do you surf Noosa?

A few quick Noosa surf tips Fast – For a fast wave head to the open beaches if there is no wind. Paddle boarding – For Paddle boarding go around the First Point area for more shelter and easy access. short boarders – For short boarders, head into the National Park and find a fun spot, easy to walk with a small board.

Can you surf at Noosa North Shore?

Why this iconic Sunshine Coast surf break has been placed at number two on the Surfrider Foundation’s Endangered Wave list. A LONG queue of vehicles stretches back from the Noosa River ferry as thousands head to Noosa North Shore.

Is there any surf at Hervey Bay?

Surfing in Hervey Bay is not an option, the main reason is that it’s protected by Fraser Island which stops all of the waves. There are surfing opportunities nearby if you are willing to travel. Surfing is one of those activities where you are reliant on the environment for the right conditions.

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