Where is Rebecca Wood from?

Where is Rebecca Wood from?

New Zealand
Rebecca Jane Wood (born 8 August 1987) is a New Zealand rugby union player. She made her debut for the Black Ferns in the 2017 International Women’s Rugby Series against Australia….Becky Wood.

Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight 85 kg (187 lb)
Rugby union career

Who is Becky on Midlands Today?

Rebecca Wood
Rebecca has always wanted to work in the media – particularly as a weather presenter, and after completing an English degree at Queen Mary’s University in London, came home to do a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism at Staffordshire University.

Who is Shefali Oza partner?

Jamie KnightsShefali Oza / Husband (m. 1996–1998)

Who is Nicola Beckford?

Nicola Beckford is an award-winning BBC Journalist. She is the face of the West Midlands’ award-winning regional flagship television news programme, ‘Midlands Today’ at breakfast on BBC One.

Where is Rebecca Woods Garden?

Her home for the past year and a half has been with her friends at Halton Farms, near Congleton, where her second cousin Tom Halton and his wife Karen run their innovative dairy business.

How many children does Shefali have?

one daughter
Shefali has one daughter.

Is Shefali married?

Jamie KnightsShefali Oza / Spouse (m. 1996–1998)

How old is Nick Owen?

74 years (November 1, 1947)Nick Owen / Age

Where is Nicola Beckford now?

When was Dr Shefali born?

Wiki/Biography Dr Shefali was born in 1972 (age 49 years; as of 2021) in Bombay. She completed her early education from India. In 1993, at the age of 21, she moved out of India to the CIIS campus, located in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury District, to pursue her higher studies.

Who was the first weather presenter on Midlands Today?

She began her career with the team as Midlands Today�s first ever weather presenter in January 1993. Before beginning her career, she trained as a solicitor. Oza is said to discovered at an audition day organised by BBC�s Multi Cultural Programmes Unit.

Who is Sara Blizzard from East Midlands Today?

And in 1999, she joined the BBC team replacing Lisa Dransfield on East Midlands Today as the main weather presenter. Additionally, she also admires the work of BBC meteorologist like Sarah Keith Lucas and Bee Tucker. As on the profile of Sara Blizzard, many details can be found on BBC official page.

Why is Sarah Forster called the BBC Weather Girl?

Forster is referred to as a BBC weather girl because of her great sense of fashion and her hardworking spirit on BBC’s Midland weather hub. Forster started her career at the Met Office training in 2001 and went on to work at ‘several RAF airfields’.

Where does Oza from Midlands Today Live?

During her time on Midlands Today Oza met her husband-to-be Jamie Knights, who worked as her cameraman. Their wedding ceremony was featured on the news programme. The couple divorced two years later. As of 2016, Oza resided in the Birmingham suburb of Moseley.

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