Where is Henkell Trocken made?

Where is Henkell Trocken made?

Made in Wiesbaden, at home in all over the world. Henkell is the international star and best seller when it comes to exporting German sparkling wine culture. The radiant and characterful brand can be found globally in more than 100 countries whenever life’s finest moments are celebrated.

What type of wine is Henkell Trocken?

German sparkling wine
A crisp, medium-dry, refreshing German sparkling wine with aromas of orchard fruit.

Is Henkell Trocken sweet?

Slightly floral, otherwise not very aromatic, slightly sweet but not too, freshness, slightly sulphurous final.

Is Henkell Trocken sweet or dry?

The Henkell Trocken Dry Sec is a dry, fully matured sparkling wine imported from Germany. It has a wonderfully fresh and crisp flavour, perfect alongside seafood on a summers afternoon!

Is henkell a Trocken Sekt?

Henkell Trocken is a byword for dry sparkling wine. A fully matyre composition of excellent wines, Henkell Trocken is perfectly blended from traditional grape varieties. Enjoy Henkell Trocken as you prefer, whether straight, on ice, or in delightfully tasty cocktails.

How is Henkell Trocken made?

Henkell Trocken is a dry and fully matured sparkling wine made from select classical varieties of grapes from well-maintained vineyards in long-established wine growing regions in Europe.

What grapes are in Henkell Trocken?

Detailed info

  • Country Germany.
  • Regulated Designation Wein (VDT)
  • Grape varieties Alicante Bouschet 25 %, Pinot gris 25 %, Pinot blanc 25 %, Riesling renano 25 %
  • Degree of alcohol 11.5 %
  • Color White.
  • Size 3 L.
  • Producer Henkell & Co.
  • Promoting agent Mark Anthony Brands Ltd.

How many carbs are in Henkell Trocken?

What is dealholzation?

Porcja 180 g W 100 g
Monounsaturated fats
Polyunsaturated fats
Carbohydrates, 10.80 6.00
sugars 10.80 6.00

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