Where is Harmony Korine now?

Where is Harmony Korine now?

And now Korine has reemerged with the upcoming film The Beach Bum, a Technicolor tone poem set in and around Miami that stars Matthew McConaughey as Moondog, a freewheeling artist who produces work only when he feels it’s absolutely necessary. “Moondog’s a verb. A folk poet,” McConaughey explained in an email to GQ.

What is Harmony Korine known for?

Harmony Korine is known for movies. After writing Larry Clark’s Kids (1995) at age nineteen and directing cult classic Gummo (1997) (then hailed as “the worst movie of the year”), Korine’s films explore youth culture as death cult, the demented, edgelord-y boredom of being a teen under neoliberalism.

Who is Harmony Korine’s wife?

Rachel KorineHarmony Korine / Wife (m. 2007)Rachel Anna Korine is an American former actress. Married to director Harmony Korine, she is best known for starring as Cotty in the 2012 crime film Spring Breakers and Betsy in ‘’Men Go to Battle’’, Junia in ’’The Knick’’. Wikipedia

How old was Harmony Korine when he made Gummo?

Sure, you might know that the film’s title is a nod to Gummo Marx; that Korine was 23 when he made it; that while promoting the film on Letterman he said some crazy things, like wanting “to do a minstrel with Tom Cruise.” But there’s so much more about this movie that you (probably) don’t know.

Is The Beach Bum based on true story?

Production. Following the release of Spring Breakers and time spent living in Florida, writer-director Harmony Korine penned The Beach Bum, which is “based loosely on a set of characters he was hanging out with in the Keys”.

How much did it cost to make Gummo?

1.3 million USDGummo / Budget

How much did Gummo make at box office?

116,799 USDGummo / Box office

When did Harmony Korine and Chloe Sevigny date?

They were friends before anything turned romantic between the two. It wasn’t until after the film wrapped in 1994 that they began dating — a gradual transition that Sevigny could hardly recall. “I think we’d kissed once before,” she told Dazed in 1996.

How did harmony and Rachel Korine meet?

In the story of Korine’s reinvention, Rachel has played perhaps the biggest role. The two met soon after she graduated high school; she left her waitressing job to accompany him to a castle in the Scottish highlands, where he was filming 2007’s Mister Lonely (she played Little Red Riding Hood).

How much did Gummo cost?

What drugs did Harmony Korine take?

Korine appeared on Letterman in the late 90s, a period during which he was using crack and heroin and which saw two of his homes burn down in mysterious circumstances. The film-maker, who looks set to have the biggest hit of his career with the comedy thriller Spring Breakers, is now clean.

What is the point of the movie The Beach Bum?

Definitely, that’s what Beach Bum is about. It really is about the idea of freedom in the moment, living in the moment and an idea of, at least his character, even though there’s kind of moral ambiguity, it really is about seizing a kind of joy and living without formal restraints.


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