Where I can write my story?

Where I can write my story?

These online story sharing sites can help you get feedback, fans, and more!

  • Commaful.
  • Wattpad.
  • Figment (RIP)
  • Medium.
  • Smashwords.
  • Archive of our Own.
  • Fanfiction.net.
  • Quotev.

What is another website like Wattpad?

Penana. Like Wattpad, Penana is incredibly diverse in terms of available genres and subgenres.

  • Sweek. Sweek is another platform that caters to writers and readers.
  • Fanfiction.net.
  • Booksie.
  • Movellas.
  • Medium.
  • Tap by Wattpad.
  • Can a 13 year old become an author?

    Yes, you can become an author and your aware indicates you are already capable of writing well. Your age doesn’t matter, what matters is how good you can write. And as you have already won an award it proves that you can become a very good author.

    What website can I write stories for free?

    11 Sites where you can publish short stories online

    • Commaful. I have to start with Commaful for short stories because the site is just gorgeous.
    • Wattpad. You probably know about Wattpad, which has been the launching pad for a lot of published writers.
    • Inkitt.
    • Medium.
    • Booksie.
    • StoryWrite.
    • Story Star.
    • Tumblr.

    Is there a free book app?

    Nook. Nook is one of the best free apps to read books. Along with a collection of free books, you can also browse through newspapers and magazines. Apart from that, if there’s a specific book you want to purchase, they have their own in-app store for that.

    Where can I read story for free?

    Where to Find Free Short Stories Online

    • Narrative Magazine. Narrative Magazine is a free space for readers to enjoy some of the best short stories, essays, and poetry written by both established and emerging writers.
    • The New Yorker.
    • Electric Literature.
    • Wattpad.
    • Granta.
    • Tor.com.
    • Lightspeed Magazine.
    • American Short Fiction.

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