Where does Sutlej river start and end?

Where does Sutlej river start and end?

Chenab River
PanjnadArabian Sea
Sutlej River/Mouths

Where does Sutlej river enter India?

Flowing northwestward and then west-southwestward through Himalayan gorges, it enters and crosses the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh before beginning its flow through the Punjab plain near Nangal, Punjab state.

What is the ending point of Sutlej river?


Satluj ستلج
Mouth Confluence with Chenab to form the Panjnad River
• location Near Khairpur, Bahawalpur district, Punjab, Pakistan
• coordinates 29°23′23″N 71°3′42″ECoordinates: 29°23′23″N 71°3′42″E
• elevation 102 m (335 ft)

Which city is located on bank of Sutlej river?

Ludhiana, city, central Punjab state, northwestern India. The city stands on the former bank of the Sutlej River, 8 miles (13 km) south of its present course and about 170 miles (270 km) northwest of Delhi.

Is Sutlej a perennial river?

There are three perennial rivers — Sutlej, Beas and Ravi, one non-perennial river, Ghaggar, in the state. Besides these rivers there are over 100 local rivulets, choes and khads, which run during monsoon, and fall into these main rivers.

Does Sutlej joins Indus direct?

Option d is correct. Satluj is joined by the Chenab in Pakistan. Thus, Satluj receives the collective drainage of the Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum rivers. It joins the Indus a few kilometres above Mithankot.

Does Sutlej join Indus?

It ends in a confluence with the Chenab at Trimmu in District Jhang. The Chenab merges with the Sutlej to form the Panjnad River which joins the Indus River at Mithankot. Thus, In India it flows on in Jammu & Kashmir State. Jhelam is the largest and most western of the five rivers of Punjab.

Did Sutlej originate in India?

River Sutlej is one of the major tributaries of Indus. Only tributary of Indus which originates from Tibet. Sutlej River enters India through Shipki La pass.

Which river is called backbone of Punjab?

The Indus is the most important supplier of water resources to the Punjab and Sindh plains – it forms the backbone of agriculture and food production in Pakistan. The river is especially critical since rainfall is meagre in the lower Indus valley.

Can Saraswati river be revived?

In a bid to revive the Saraswati river, the governments of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh will enter into an agreement on Friday that entails the building of a dam to supply round-the-year water flow to the river channel, Haryan Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said.

Is Ghaggar Saraswati river?

The legendary river Saraswati of Indian mythology has often been hypothesized to be an ancient perennial channel of the seasonal river Ghaggar that flowed through the heartland of the Bronze Age Harappan civilization in north-western India.

Where does Sutlej and Chenab rivers meet?

Jhelum and Ravi join Chenab, Beas joins Sutlej, and then Sutlej and Chenab join to form Panjnad, 10 miles north of Uch Sharif in Muzaffar Garh district. The combined stream runs southwest for approximately 44 miles and joins the Indus River at Mithankot. The Indus river continues and then drains into the Arabian Sea.

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