Where does GW ship from?

Where does GW ship from?

Most of the orders I’ve made from the webstore were dispatched from Tennessee. Would not surprise me to learn orders for new products take longer as they wait for stuff to be shipped from the UK.

How many Games Workshop stores are there in the US?

While our 400 or so Games Workshop stores which show customers how to collect, paint and play with our miniatures and games provide another barrier to entry: our Fortress Moat.

How long does GW delivery take?

within 25 working days

Collect in Store FREE Find local store
Standard FREE over $42 Delivery within 25 working days.
Courier $20 Delivery within 25 working days.​

Does Games Workshop ship to America?

COMING TO AMERICA We are currently moving production of your awesome Warhammer merch to the USA! 75% off all the stuff we sell is being made and shipped from within the USA right now. The other 25% (which is still being made and shipped out of the UK and Europe) is coming soon.

Who started Games Workshop?

The company was founded more than four decades ago when friends John Peake, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson began making their own wooden board games and creating a gaming newsletter.

How many people play Games Workshop games?

Games Workshop, which sells Warhammer and other miniature wargames around the world, said its online sales were up 90% in May to November while profits increased by a third. Some 4.7 million people now use the Warhammer community website, it said, an increase of 200,000 on the same period last year.

Does Games Workshop own Forgeworld?

Forge World is a subcompany of Games Workshop Inc. that creates models outside of the normal auspices of Games Worshop. It is a company similar to Black Enterprises and Warp Artefacts, dedicated to creating high quality, exotic miniatures for passionate gamers.

Who is the CEO of Games Workshop?

Kevin D. Rountree (Jan 1, 2015–)Games Workshop / CEO

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