Where do you enter the 17-Mile Drive?

Where do you enter the 17-Mile Drive?

You can enter the 17-Mile Drive through any of four gates, where you will stop to pay the entry fee and pick up a map. The three most common entry points are Highway 1 at Highway 68 which is the most convenient entrance if you’re coming from Monterey or are already on CA Highway 1.

What gate is 17-Mile Drive?

Pacific Grove Gate: This is one of the most popular gates and is the best option if you are coming in from Monterey or Pacific Grove. Take 17-Mile Drive through Pacific Grove to arrive at this gate. It just south of Sunset Drive.

How much is the entrance to 17-Mile Drive?

$11.25 per vehicle
Admission to 17-Mile Drive is $11.25 per vehicle. The gate fee is reimbursed with a purchase of $35 or more at all Pebble Beach Resorts restaurants. Admission for tour buses is $5.50 per passenger.

Can you go in and out of 17-Mile Drive?

The 17-Mile Drive gates are open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Motorcycles are prohibited.

Where does 17-Mile Drive begin and end?

Either from Monterey or Carmel the drive is two lanes both directions. Most start the drive on the Monterrey side and end in Carmel I believe. We spent the day in Carmel by the Sea and finished the day with 17 mile drive back toward Monterey since we were staying there.

Why is it called 17-Mile Drive?

A tour left Monterey’s magnificent Hotel Del Monte and traced the picturesque peninsula, circling the coastline of Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and Carmel, before returning to its starting point. The day-long journey lasted 17 miles, eventually earning the world-famous route its name.

Is the 17-Mile Drive worth it?

Many say that this 17-Mile drive is a must-do when in the area, with great views of the ocean, and access to beautiful beaches, but other reviews say do not waste your money and you won’t see anything here that you won’t see elsewhere.

Can you walk 17-Mile Drive?

This is a scenic drive, but at several sections you can park and walk along the coast. Only a few are connected by trails. In order to do the full scenic drive on foot, you’d be walking on the road, so this is really for biking or driving only and less of a hiking trail.

Are dogs allowed on 17-Mile Drive?

This toll road costs $8 and allows you to access a very scenic section of coastline, walking trails and beaches. Dogs are allowed all along 17 mile drive on leash.

Where is the entrance to the 17 Mile Drive?

The 17 Mile Drive entrance at the Pacific Grove gate is the northernmost entrance so you will be traveling from the North to the South will enable you to be on the coast side.

Where can I make a U-turn at 17 Mile Drive?

Making U-turns at the 17 Mile Drive can be dangerous and sometimes impossible. These are the three 17 Mile Drive Entrances. The one we recommend is the Pacific Grove Gate is at 17-Mile Drive. It is located on 17 Mile Drive and Sunset Dr. Another entrance is Country Club Gate located in the middle at Congress Ave. and Forest Lodge Rd.

Where can I picnic on the 17 Mile Drive?

There are various 17 Mile Drive picnic stops along the way – one at Spanish Bay and another at the Seal Rock Picnic Area. The map or road markers will indicate them. You can also choose to dine at the restaurants which will enable you to reimburse your gate fee. Make sure to present your gate receipt to your server.

How many stops are there on 17 Mile Drive Monterey?

Whether you’re stopping at Monterey or Carmel-by-the-Sea on your trip or just driving through on a roadtrip, 17 Mile Drive Monterey has to be on your list of stopping points. Fittingly, there are 17 scenic stopping points along 17 Mile Drive Monterey, with two entrances at either side of the stretch.

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