Where can I find Data Guard broker log?

Where can I find Data Guard broker log?

Viewing Data Guard Diagnostic Information The broker log files are named drc. log and are located in the same directory as the alert log file. You can obtain information about the health of the database (referred to as the database status) by issuing the SHOW DATABASE DGMGRL command.

How can I check my Data Guard status?


  2. On the standby database, query the V$ARCHIVED_LOG view to verify the archived redo log files were applied.

What is Data Guard broker in Oracle 11g?

Oracle Data Guard Broker is a centralized framework that automates the configuration, management, and monitoring of an Oracle Data Guard configuration. Oracle Data Guard Broker further enhances Oracle RAC by providing apply instance failover for Oracle RAC standby databases.

How do I use Dgmgrl?

To use DGMGRL, the following must be true:

  1. The DG_BROKER_START dynamic initialization parameter is set to TRUE .
  2. To enable broker operations that require restarting instances without manual intervention, Oracle Net Services must be configured on each of the hosts that contain the primary and standby database instances.

How do I find my standby database primary name?

You need to create a script for sqlplus. In the script, you first get the tns_alias standby bd from the log_archive_dest parameter. Then connect to standby bd as sysdba. Uodate 1 You can run the query on the main server and see the active sessions from the standby server.

How do I change the instance of a standby RAC database?

Changing apply instance using dgmgrl in oracle RAC dataguard configuration

  1. Find the current apply instance. DGMGRL> show configuration.
  2. Stop redo apply. DGMGRL> edit database ‘TSTDB1P’ set state=’apply-off’;
  3. Start apply process at desired instance.
  4. Verify the apply process running at desired instance.

How check Data Guard in Oracle?

SQL> alter database set standby database to maximize {AVAILABILITY | PERFORMANCE | PROTECTION}; SQL> alter database open; 4. To confirm the change in protection mode, query v$database on the primary.

How do I view stand logs in standby database?

When querying the v$archived_log view for log_archive_dest_2 we can check what files are applied on the standby:

  1. select dest_id , sequence# , applied.
  2. from v$archived_log.
  3. where dest_id = 2.
  4. and sequence# > ( select max(sequence#) – 10 from v$archived_log )
  5. order by sequence#
  6. /

How do I enable Data Guard broker?

  1. Step1:-Creating a Service Listener in primary and standby side(Both Side)
  2. Step2:-Changing the parameters for both side.
  3. Step4:-Configure Dataguard Broker for primary.
  4. Step5:-Configure Dataguard Broker for standby.
  5. Step6:-Check using Verbose command.
  6. Step7:-enable the Dataguard broker.

What is Fal_client and Fal_server in Oracle?

FAL_SERVER used to fetch archive log server for a standby database. Value in FAL_SERVER parameter act as Oracle Net Service name which point to standby database. FAL_CLIENT Parameter. FAL_CLIENT specifies the FAL(fetch archive log) client name that is used by the FAL service. It configured for point the FAL Client.

What is Data Guard broker?

Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to enable production Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions. Data Guard maintains these standby databases as transactionally consistent copies of the primary database.

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