Where are the Cataclysm raids?

Where are the Cataclysm raids?

Cataclysm instance locations

Instance Level Location
Blackwing Descent Raid Burning Steppes [23, 26]
Throne of the Four Winds Raid Uldum [38, 81]
Blackrock Caverns 80-83 Blackrock Mountain, [66, 62] [72, 53]
Grim Batol 85 Twilight Highlands [19, 54]

How do I access Cataclysm raids?

Once you take the portal, cross the large bridge to the south to reach the main island of Tol Barad. Directly in the center is Baradin Hold, the raid entrance being on the west side at coordinates 46, 48. Keep in mind that you can only enter Baradin Hold if your faction is currently in control of Tol Barad!

Where is the Ragnaros raid?

Firelands is a raid instance, released with patch 4.2. 0 on June 28, 2011. It can be entered through Sulfuron Spire in Mount Hyjal. It is a domain of Ragnaros the Firelord, from where he endlessly sends his elemental and mortal minions in order to fulfill his ultimate goal of destroying Nordrassil.

Where can I find Shannox?

In order to get to Shannox, you must clear a large amount of trash all throughout the zone until he finally come out from behind Baleroc’s gate. He will then patrol around in a large circle.

What area is Cataclysm?

Cataclysm returns players to the two continents of Azeroth for most of their campaigning, after years away in Outland and Northrend, opening new zones such as Mount Hyjal, the sunken world of Vashj’ir, Deepholm, Uldum and the Twilight Highlands.

Where is the raid in Tol Barad?

Comment by BlueDragyn. For anyone looking for the portal to Tol Barad on the Horde side, you’ll find it on the top level at 47.40, 39.30. You’ll see two orc NPCs with a portal between them.

How many raids are in Cataclysm?

Please consider viewing this guide instead. Cataclysm will initially ship with 4 new raids (with at least 2 more being added via later content patches), 7 new dungeons and 2 Heroic old dungeons (redesigned for level 85!), which means more introductory instanced content than any other expansion before!

What drops Ragnaros?

Ragnaros is the final boss in Molten Core, the original 40-man dungeon crawl-style raid instance. He drops all of the “Tier 2” armor set leggings, as well as several other highly-sought items.

How do I get to Majordomo staghelm?

To find Majordomo Staghelm in the Firelands raid, head to the place where you killed the gatekeeper boss, then use the nearby Magma Orb. A new map will open, showing locations for the two last bosses.

What continent is Cataclysm in WoW?

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