When can you enroll for summer school?

When can you enroll for summer school?

How do I get into Summer School? If you’re already studying in a programme at the University, you can enrol into courses for Summer School after the enrolment opening date. This is usually early November.

When can I Enrol for summer school UOA?

Summer School dates 2022

Applications close Wednesday 16 December 2021
Payment of fees Thursday 6 January 2022
Summer School begins Thursday 6 January 2022
Enrolment deadline for adding or deleting courses Wednesday 12 January 2022
Auckland Anniversary Monday 31 January 2022

Is there summer school in NZ?

Te Kura Summer School runs from 20 December 2021 to 11 February 2022. Registrations open from 8 November 2021 and close on 2 February 2022.

How do I Enrol in a course Auckland?

Once you have accepted an offer of admission into a programme, you can enrol using Student Services Online….Select ‘Add classes with’ and choose the enrolment option best suited for you:

  1. Timetable Planner.
  2. Class Search.
  3. My Programme Requirements.
  4. Search by Class Number.

Is Summer School covered by fees free?

Summer Start is an opportunity to see if university is a good fit for you while having fun in a supportive environment. *The Summer Start programme is free for New Zealand school leaver students who meet the eligibility requirements of the New Zealand government’s Fees Free tertiary education initiative.

When can I Enrol UOA?

2022 Deadlines for changes to enrolment

2022 Semester/Quarter Deadline for adding courses
Semester One courses 11 March 2022
Double-semester courses (A and B) – Semester One start 11 March 2022
Semester Two courses 29 July 2022
Double-semester courses (A and B) – Semester Two start 29 July 2022

When can you Enrol in courses UOA?

Monday 1 November at 7am
Enrolment opening date You can start to enrol in courses for 2022 on Monday 1 November at 7am on Student Services Online.

How do I check my application status for UOA?

To check your application status, follow the instructions on the page, Continue your application. After you login to your Application for Admission, you will see a summary page that shows the status of your application(s).

What are summer school programs?

A summer school is a form of education that offers courses, both academic and non-academic, during the summer period. Usually, there are no classes at universities or other higher education establishments during the June-September period which is when summer school courses take place.

How many courses can you do in summer school UOA?

You can enrol in a maximum of 80 points for each of Semesters One and Two. You can enrol in a maximum of 30 points in Summer School.

How do I choose a class UOA?

In addition to the standard enrolment process, Timetable Planner also is used to support the enrolment for a select number of programmes.

  1. When in Timetable Planner, click ‘Add Course’ and select ‘Cohort’
  2. Click ‘Add Course’ and ‘Done’
  3. Generate timetable and view/select a timetable.
  4. Confirm enrolment.

How do I Enrol for classes Aut?

Use Arion to select and enrol in short courses online. Use your credit card to pay online and ensure your place. Credit card enrolments only. Ph: AUT (09) 917 9779 Monday to Thursday 8.00am – 7.00pm, Friday 8.00am – 4.30pm and Saturday 10.00am – 2.00pm.

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