Whats the rarest Pepe?

Whats the rarest Pepe?

The rarest Pepe is the Homer Pepe. This user-generated card art, one of the few with a Rareness score of 1, meaning it’s as one-of-a-kind as any piece of art, sold when it was created in 2016 for a few hundred dollars.

What does rare Pepe means?

A rare Pepe or RarePepe is a type of crypto art created by various artists worldwide between 2016 and 2018, based on Pepe the Frog and traded as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) recorded on the CounterParty platform. A total of 1,774 official cards were released for the project across 36 series.

Who created Rare Pepe?

Rare Pepe Wallet is a tool created by developer Joe Looney that makes it possible to buy, sell, trade, edition, gift, and destroy digital artworks. At least one company, Spells of Genesis, explored the creation of digital trading cards tied to the blockchain before the invention of Rare Pepe Wallet.

Who owns homer Pepe?

owner Peter Kell
With more than $300M spent on NFTs this year, it is no surprise that one of the rarest Pepe NFTs “Homer Pepe” just changed hands for $320,000. The rarest Pepe of them all, “Homer Pepe”, has sold for 205 ETH ($320,000) according to owner Peter Kell.

What does rare Pepe do dank Memer?

Description. Old one(before being discontinued):The rare pepe is only used for collecting or flexing on normies who cannot afford one. New one:The rare pepe is only used for collecting or flexing on normies who cannot afford one. Although basically anyone can afford one these days…

What Pepe means?

Pepe is a pet form of the Spanish name José.

How much does Pepe coin cost?

$0.049875 per MEME
The current price is $0.049875 per MEME. Memetic / PepeCoin is 96.96% below the all time high of $1.64. The current circulating supply is 29,873,822.799 MEME.

How do you use Pepe emotes?

To get the PepeHands emote for Twitch you will need to download the BTTV extension and then add the PepeHands emote to your channel. As a viewer, to use the PepeHands emote install the BTTV extension and then type “PepeHands” (without quotation marks) in the chat of a streamer that has BTTV emotes enabled.

Where did Pepe come from Twitch?

When its creator, Matt Furie, discovered Pepes had become a fixture of Twitch chat, he was left rather confused. Pepe the Frog is massive. Originally created by Matt Furie back in 2005 for a comic series called Boy’s Club, Pepe has spread from regular internet text memes to Twitch emotes.

Are NFTs Rare Pepes?

“Despite Defendants’ previous statements and repeated representations that the NFT was a ‘rare Pepe’ and ‘unique asset,’—i.e., a one-of-a-kind NFT— on October 24, 2021, Defendants released 46 of the 99 remaining Pepe NFTs, significantly devaluing Plaintiff’s Pepe NFT to less than $30,000.00, hundreds of thousands of …

How much is rare Pepe worth?

RPEPE Price Statistics

Rare Pepe Price $0.02035
Price Change24h $0.000249 1.24%
24h Low / 24h High $0.01979 / $0.02039
Trading Volume24h No Data
Volume / Market Cap No Data

Where did the Pepe the pirate meme come from?

In early 2008, comic in which Pepe pulls his pants down to his ankles in order to urinate is rumored to have been popularized on 4chan’s /b/, (random) board, along with the expression “Feels good man.”

What is Pepe the Frog’s saying?

Sporting a relieved grin, Pepe says, “Feels good man.” Pepe’s creator told The Daily Dot in April 2015 that the name Pepe (though pronounced differently) evokes pee-pee, in keeping with the literal bathroom humor the original character is known for.

What are the different types of Pepe memes?

One common variant shows a smirking Pepe, often called Smug Pepe, his thumb tucked knowingly under his chin. Additionally, the variants Sad Pepe and Angry Pepe are also common. By 2014–15, Pepe had gone full mainstream, with singers Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj notably posting Pepe memes on Twitter.

What is the alt-right and the Pepe meme?

Richard B. Spencer, the founder of the white nationalist group Alternative Right or Alt-Right, said the Pepe meme has come to represent the current mood of the Alt-Right. “I think if I were to describe what people know about the Alt-Right, it’s probably some things they’ve seen online.

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