Whats the difference between Retrax pro and MX?

Whats the difference between Retrax pro and MX?

The only difference between the RetraxPRO MX Hard Tonneau Cover # RT80462 and the RetraxPRO MX Hard Tonneau Cover – Wide Rails # RT80472 is that 80472 that has an extra piece that goes over the bed rails of your truck (these tonneaus fit certain years and models of 2014 – 2019 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado).

What is the difference between Retrax pro and Retrax one?

RetraxONE is rated for 250 pounds of evenly distributed weight on top of the cover when fully closed. RetraxPRO is rated for 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight on top of the cover when fully closed. Impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate construction with aluminum reinforcement rods.

Is the Retrax pro waterproof?

Every effort has been made to make the Retrax weathertight; however, the Retrax is not waterproof. Use extra care to prevent damage to items during severe weather conditions or while entering a car wash. Water may collect on the cover; remove water before opening.

Can you stand on Retrax pro?

The cover is reinforced with up to 20 tempered aluminum support beams embedded every 4 3/4″, which will hold 200 lbs. and can easily support heavy snow loads. The cover is strong enough to stand on (not recommended). The cover will withstand a concentrated load of about 120 pounds.

What is the difference between Retrax MX and XR?

The only difference between the XR and the MX is just a T-slot rails. So the cover is the exact same cover. They do make a retracted one, which is polycarbonate, but that cover only holds up to 200 pounds, so I don’t know if that would be the one that I would have people sit on.

How do I clean my Retrax cover?

You can wash and wax your RETRAX cover, but do not use any plastic cleaners, protectants, or strong chemicals. With proper care, the polycarbonate cover will last many years. It should be cleaned with mild soap and water. Do not allow gasoline to come in contact with the cover.

How much is a RETRAX pro?

RetraxPRO MX Tonneau Cover

List Price: $2,358.82 – $2,653.82
Our Price: $1,999.00 – $2,249.00
Free Shipping
Talk To An Expert 855-460-6801
Rating: 95

Which is better Roll n Lock or RETRAX?

Legendary member. Retrax is a much higher quality cover than the Roll n Lock. As @theblet stated above, it also has a great warranty.

What retractable tonneau cover has the smallest canister?

At just 8 inches deep, Roll-N-Lock’s canister design is among the smallest on the market, so you’ll have more room in your bed for your gear. Opening the M-Series is easy: just twist the rear-mounted latch and the cover retracts into the canister.

How big is the Retrax canister?

approximately 11″ square
The RETRAX™ canister dimensions are approximately 11″ square. The canister assembly is located at the front of the pickup truck bed. The distance between the bottom of the canister and the floor of the pickup bed is 7″ to 11″ depending on the model of truck.

What makes the retraxpro MX unique?

The RetraxPRO MX combines industrial strength aluminum construction with an incredibly resilient matte finish. The matte finish on the RetraxPRO MX provides incredible scratch resistance and adds style to your truck. The RetraxPRO MX not only provides rugged protection for your truck bed it also provides a patented low-profile design

What is a powertraxpro MX electric retractable truck bed cover?

The PowertraxPRO MX electric retractable truck bed cover is part our Premium Aluminum Series covers. The Premium Aluminum Series covers are constructed from industrial strength aluminum slats that provide unsurpassed strength and ruggedness.

How do I contact retraxpro for technical assistance?

However, if you have further questions or need technical assistance please call one of our knowledgeable installation experts at 1-800-206-4070 or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you. The RetraxPRO MX has a Legendary Lifetime Guarantee.

How does the powertraxpro MX work?

The PowertraxPRO MX also features an integrated LED cargo light on the canister that is operated by the key fob and includes a safety auto shutoff feature. An electromagnetic brake allows the cover to lock in any position along the rail allowing you to have unlimited hauling capacity.

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