What were the 4 major issues at the Constitutional Convention?

What were the 4 major issues at the Constitutional Convention?

When the 55 delegates gathered in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation, there were several major issues on the agenda to discuss including representation, state versus federal powers, executive power, slavery, and commerce.

What was the problem with the Constitutional Convention?

Some states were in favor of a strong central government, while other states were opposed. Large states felt that they should have more representation in Congress, while small states wanted equal representation with larger ones.

What were the 3 major issues at the Constitutional Convention quizlet?

What were the three major equality issues at the Constitutional Convention? How were they resolved? The three major equality issues were equality and representation, slavery, and political equality.

What were the 5 compromises of the Constitutional Convention?

These compromises were the Great (Connecticut) Compromise, Electoral College, Three-Fifths Compromise, and Compromise on the importation of slaves.

Which of the following was the most controversial issue during the Constitutional Convention?

The most controversial issue at the Constitutional Convention was the issue of representation.

What were the major issues and solutions reached at the Constitutional Convention quizlet?

Terms in this set (5)

  • Great Compromise. The Virginia Plan provided for representation to be based on the population of each state.
  • Three-Fifths Compromise.
  • Commerce Compromise.
  • Slave Trade Compromise.
  • Election of the President: The Electoral College.

What were the most divisive issues the Constitutional Convention faced?

The most divisive of those issues—those involving the apportionment of representation in the national legislature, the powers and mode of election of the chief executive, and the place of the institution of slavery in the new continental body politic—would change in fundamental ways the shape of the document that would …

Which of the following issues was resolved by a major compromise at the Constitutional Convention?

the representation of states
The Great Compromise solved the issue of the representation of states by creating two houses. This is called a bicameral legislature.

What were the three major equality issues at the Constitutional Convention How were resolved?

The issue of representation was solved by the Connecticut compromise, the issue of counting slaves was solved by the 3/5 compromise, and the issue of who can vote (political equality) was decided by giving the states the rights to decide who can vote.

What were the three major equality issues at the constitutional convention How were resolved?

What was the main issue at the Constitutional Convention?

State vs. Federal Powers. A central issue at the Convention was whether the federal government or the states would have more power. Many delegates believed that the federal government should be able to overrule state laws, but others feared that a strong federal government would oppress their citizens.

What was unspoken among the delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

However, unspoken among the delegates was the knowledge that George Washington would become the first president, and they trusted him to define the office. Though the word “slavery” does not appear in the Constitution, the issue was central to the debates over commerce and representation.

What did the Constitutional Convention of 1787 do to slavery?

The Convention also debated whether to allow the new federal government to ban the importation of enslaved people from outside of the United States, including directly from Africa. They ultimately agreed to allow Congress to ban it, should it choose, but not before twenty years had passed.

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