What weapon does Gamzee use?

What weapon does Gamzee use?

While he originally only utilized juggling clubs, he uses other weapons like the Warhammer of Zillyhoo and a bow and arrow. Gamzee also is physically strong enough to break bows in half and use them to choke someone to death.

Is Gamzee the shortest troll?

Gamzee is actually the shortest of the trolls, but he wears stilts. Karkat is the only troll he’s comfortable enough around to take them off.

Why is Kurloz mouth sewn shut?

Kurloz was undou8tedly devastated 8y what he’d done to her. He was so distraught, he sewed his mouth shut and has never spoken a word since.” Kurloz was also the only eyewitness to the event which caused his moirail Mituna to overexert himself and permanently burn out his psychic abilities.

Are John and Jake related?

are john and jake related? Yes, Jake is biologically John’s father.

Who are the Mirthful Messiahs?

The Mirthful Messiahs are figures featured in the religion of Gamzee Makara and Alternia ‘s purple caste. They were recognized in prayers, and foretold to . Like the Dark Carnival and Paradise Planet they are associated with, the realness attribute of these Messiahs is questionable.

What happened to Gamzee?

In most doomed timelines, Gamzee sobers up and goes on a murdering rampage. In one of these, he makes part of the code to create their first guardian, which is retrieved by an Aradiabot. During the fight with the Black King, Gamzee does more damage to it than any of the other trolls, with the possible exception of Vriska who lands the final blow.

What is Gamzee’s Lusus?

Gamzee’s lusus is a giant goat-like sea creature. It had apparently often been out to sea instead of caring for Gamzee as a custodian is supposed to – about the only useful advice it ever gave Gamzee was “keep away from the ocean”.

Why is Gamzee so obsessed with purple?

Purple is the color of death in some East Asian countries, while simultaneously being the color of royalty in European countries, which might relate to Gamzee’s desire to kill the trolls as well as his hereditary nobility. Gamzee’s obsession with “MiRaClEs” is a reference to the Insane Clown Posse song of the same name.

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