What was wrong with NEYI ZIMU?

What was wrong with NEYI ZIMU?

Cape Town – Gospel Singer Neyi Zimu has died according to EWN. According to The SABC, the musician reportedly died on Wednesday night at Busamed Hospital in Modderfontein. According to Move Magazine, Neyi was diagnosed with skin cancer.

What is NEYI ZIMU real name?

Neyi Zimu, aged 49, was born Moses Gcinumuzi. He was raised in a small farm located in Sebokeng which is in the south of Johannesburg.

Who died in Spirit of Praise?

Neyi Zimu
Zimu had been battling skin cancer and he passed away on Wednesday night in Busamed Hospital in Modderfontein. He’s well-known for performing with veteran gospel singer Benjamin Dube’s group Spirit of Praise at their concerts. His albums include Best of Neyi Zimu, Another Level of Worship and The Waiting is Over.

Was NEYI ZIMU a prophet?

His wife Nelly Sibisi Zimu, their children, close family and friends were also in attendance. Fellow stablemate and seasoned gospel star Benjamin Dube, who referred to Zimu as a prophet, said he was a legend. Dube said Zimu’s work will follow after him and speak for him. “His work will be louder than we are.

Was NEYI ZIMU married?

Nellie Sibisi-ZimuNeyi Zimu / Spouse

Where did NEYI ZIMU live?

Neyi Zimu who was born Moses Gcinumuzi was a South African musician. He was also a pastor and founder of the All Nations Revival Ministries in Midrand. Neyi hailed from a Small Farm, in the Vaal.

Who is the owner of Spirit of praise?

An award-winning African gospel collective, Spirit of Praise is the flagship concept of Spirit Music Group, a Johannesburg-based music production and distribution company. Comprised of some of South Africa’s foremost gospel artists, the project is a showcase for the company’s myriad soloists and vocalists.

Who is Benjamin Dube wife?

Thabile DubeBenjamin Dube / Wife

When did nay ZIMU died?

Zimu died on Wednesday 4th of December 2019 at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital’s Zakithi Nkosi Haematology Centre for Excellence, where he had been undergoing chemotherapy for mycosis fungiodes – a rare blood disorder affecting his skin. Another message, however, said he passed away at a hospital in Modderfontein.

How old is spirit of praise?

Artist Biography Commencing in 2008 with a two-volume set of material recorded live at the Pretoria State Theater, Spirit of Praise has gone on to release several volumes in the series and has earned multiple Crown and South African Music Awards.

Are the Dube Brothers related to Benjamin Dube?

He grew up on-stage performing with his siblings and parents in the Dube Family Singers (and later carried on that tradition performing with his three sons, who record and perform as the Dube Brothers).

How rich is Benjamin Dube?

He was born to the family of the late Reverend Benjamin Dube (Senior) and Mrs Grace Dube….

Full Name Benjamin Dube
Occupation Gospel Songwriter, Singer, Music producer and Pastor
Nationality South African
Net Worth $6 million

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