What was the River Lee hotel called before?

What was the River Lee hotel called before?

Yesterday, in a slick one-day rebranding operation Jury’s Hotel on Cork’s Western Road became the River Lee Hotel, ending once and for all any confusion with Jurys Inn on Anderson’s Quay. The €38 million River Lee Hotel is the final hotel in the Doyle Collection to be rebranded with names reflected their location.

When did the River Lee hotel open?

The dawn of a new century saw the latest hotels added to the new group – The Bloomsbury opened in 2000, with the River Lee in Cork opening soon after in 2002, and the Croke Park in 2004.

Why is it called the River Lee?

Every day when the people used come out they used see the place where the animal was lying and they used say to each other “Feach a raibh luighe aréir aige”. So that is how the River Lee got it’s name.

How deep is the River Lee?

A maximum water depth of 16.68m was recorded for the central channel. Visibility ranged between 1m-2m, depending on location within the river.

Can you swim in the River Lee?

It was last held in the harbour in 1987, but a swim in the river Lee hasn’t taken place since the 1950s. The Inniscarra Dam, located on the outskirts of Cork city, was opened to ensure there was a sufficient volume of water in the river for the swim. Cork’s drainage scheme has improved the water quality.

What is the mouth of the River Lee?

Celtic SeaRiver Lee / Mouth

When did the Lee baths close?

While the Lee was no stranger to swimmers – the much-loved Lee Baths were home to a generation of swimmers – there hasn’t been a dedicated place to swim in the Lee since the baths closed in 1986.

Can you swim in the Lee Fields?

“The water is swimmable. There are people who are above at the Lee Fields who are swimming in the river, near the walkway there – the only drawback is that you have currents and tides.”

What fish are in the River Lee?

The River Lee offers excellent coarse fishing for Bream, Rudd, Hybrids, Pike, Tench, Carp, and Eels. The Inniscarra lake is regarded as Irelands foremost bream fishery.

Who owns Westbury Dublin?

Doyle Collection group
The five-star Westbury Hotel, which opened off Grafton Street in Dublin 30 years ago, has been given a €2 million upgrade by its owner, the Irish-owned Doyle Collection group.

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