What was ocean Colour scene biggest hit?

What was ocean Colour scene biggest hit?

Ocean Colour Scene’s Best Songs

  • The Day We Caught The Train Ocean Colour Scene.
  • Hundred Mile High City Ocean Colour Scene.
  • The Riverboat Song Ocean Colour Scene.
  • Fleeting Mind Ocean Colour Scene.
  • The Day We Caught The Train (A…
  • Huckleberry Grove Ocean Colour Scene.
  • You’ve Got It Bad Ocean Colour Scene.

Who is the lead singer of Ocean Colour scene?

Simon Geoffrey Fowler
Simon Geoffrey Fowler (born 25 May 1965 in Meriden, Warwickshire) is an English singer and acoustic guitarist, best known as the frontman of Ocean Colour Scene.

When did Ocean Colour scene come out?

Ocean Colour Scene (often abbreviated to OCS) are an English rock band formed in Solihull in 1989. They have had five top 10 albums including a number one in 1997….

Ocean Colour Scene
Origin Solihull, England
Genres Alternative rock indie rock blues rock Britpop baggy (early)
Years active 1989–present

Which Ocean Colour Scene song was written about Scotland?

swing time. The single was popularised by Radio 1 DJ Chris Evans, who played it frequently on his radio shows and to introduce guests on his television programme TFI Friday….Charts.

Chart (1996) Peak position
Scotland (OCC) 13
UK Singles (OCC) 15

Did Ocean Colour Scene have number 1?

Ocean Colour Scene enjoyed a UK Album Chart Number 1 with Moseley Shoals’ follow-up, 1997’s Marchin’ Already.

Where did Ocean Colour Scene come from?

Solihull, United KingdomOcean Colour Scene / Origin

What type of music is Ocean Colour Scene?

RockOcean Colour Scene / Genre

Who wrote The Riverboat Song?

Oscar Harrison
Damon MinchellaSimon FowlerSteve Cradock
The Riverboat Song/Composers

What time signature is the Riverboat Song in?

It is heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin’s “Four Sticks”, from which it takes its main riff and a number of lyrics. The song is written in 6/8 swing time.

Which ocean Colour scene song was written about Scotland?

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