What Turbo is on a Detroit Series 60?

What Turbo is on a Detroit Series 60?

Garrett brand turbochargers were original equipment on the Detroit Series-60 engine.

Are Detroit 60 series engines any good?

This engine is very popular and well-renowned in the diesel community. Detroit Diesel’s Series 60 ranked second best diesel engine ever in the “Best Diesel Engine Ever” list compiled by Diesel Power Magazine. It has been the most popular heavy-duty diesel engine in North America since 1992.

How many horsepower is a Detroit 60?

Detroit 60 Series Engine Specs

11.1L Detroit 60 Series 12.7L Detroit 60 Series
Rated Horsepower: 250 – 350 hp @ 1,800 RPM 380 – 455 hp @ 1,800 RPM
Rated Torque: 1,100 – 1,250 lb-ft @ 1,200 RPM 1,350 – 1,550 lb-ft @ 1,200 RPM
Max Engine Speed: 2,100 RPM (some continuous duty applications may be governed at 1,800 RPM)

How do I get more power out of my 60 series Detroit?

Install a high flow muffler to allow air to flow out of the engine freely. A ported exhaust manifold can increase the horsepower that your engine achieves by up to 35 percent. Invest in performance fluids for your engine.

Is a Detroit 8V92 a good engine?

8V92 is one of the best engines DD ever made. In their day was probably the finest. EPA emmissions standards got to them, can’t make them, also not especially fuel efficient.

How many miles can you put on a 60 series Detroit?

Introducing the Series 60 in 1987, it was the first heavy-duty diesel engine to feature an integrated control system. This meant overhauls of 500,000 miles (800,000 km), later 700,000 miles (1,210,000 km) and then an upgrade to 750,000 miles (1,310,000 km) once more experience had been gained.

How much power can you get out of a 12.7 Detroit?

The two 11.1-liter ratings (330 hp and 365 hp) have been tacked onto the 12.7-liter model, so you can now order a 12.7 liter in ratings from 330 hp to 500 hp.

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