What song has the greatest guitar solo of all time?

What song has the greatest guitar solo of all time?

1. “Stairway to Heaven” — Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin (1971) Since its release in 1971, “Stairway to Heaven” has topped numerous lists as the best rock song and best guitar solo of all time, and it’s primarily thanks to the masterful architecture of Jimmy Page’s guitar solo.

What song has a long guitar solo?

Lynyrd Skynyrd | “Free Bird” At 143 bars long, the solo is far and away the most epic offering here (in fact, it’s 286 bars of recorded music because the whole thing is doubled). The tune appeared on the group’s eponymous debut album in 1973, and guitarist Allen Collins delivered the lot on his 1964 Gibson Explorer.

What is the hardest guitar solo to play?

The 10 most difficult guitar solos to play

  • Intervals – Libra.
  • Megadeth – Tornado of Souls.
  • Plini – Electric Sunrise.
  • Unprocessed – Prototype.
  • Born of Osiris – Follow the Signs.
  • Pantera – Domination.
  • Metallica – One.
  • Born of Osiris – Dissimulation.

What was Santana’s first song?

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s)
1. “Waiting” (instrumental)
2. “Evil Ways” Clarence “Sonny” Henry
3. “Shades of Time” Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie
4. “Savor” (instrumental)

What is Jimmy Page’s favorite guitar?

Les Paul Standard
But early the next year, Page bought the Les Paul Standard—his first—from Joe Walsh, paying $500 for it. He used it to record Zeppelin II that May. The guitar became and remained his favorite guitar throughout his years with Zeppelin, and as he acquired others he started referring to it as Number 1.

Who plays lead guitar on Reelin in the Years?

Elliott Randall’s
It’s time to shine a spotlight on Elliott Randall’s grinding, masterful guitar solo from Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years.” Jimmy Page has reportedly called it his favorite solo of all time, and Guitar World readers selected it as the 40th greatest guitar solo (of all time) several years ago.

What song has the fastest guitar solo?

Indian Musician Sets World Record With Guitar Solo Played at an Astonishing 1600 Beats Per Minute. An Indian man named Nirvana B. set a Record Setter world record for the fastest guitar solo played after he performed “Flight of the Bumblebee” at an astonishing 1600 beats per minute (bpm).

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