What size tires are on a 2008 Tiburon?

What size tires are on a 2008 Tiburon?

Hyundai Tiburon 2008 2.0i

Tire Rim
205/55R16 89V 6.5Jx16 ET36 2.1
215/45ZR17 87Y 7Jx17 ET41 2.2

What size tires does a Hyundai Tiburon have?

2008 Hyundai Tiburon
Rim Size Tire Sizes Hyundai Tiburon Options
16-Inch 205-55-16 GS
17-Inch 215-45-17 GTGT LimitedSE

How fast is a Hyundai Tiburon V6?

Top speed: Car and Driver 136 mph (219 km/h)

Is a 2008 Hyundai Tiburon a sports car?

Vehicle overview In Spanish, Tiburon means “shark.” In Hyundai speak, Tiburon is a compact sport coupe that does what the Korean carmaker is best known for — offer a generous warranty and a lengthy features list at a low price.

What size tires are on a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon?

P205/55R16 (GS)
P215/45R17 (GT · SE · GT Limited)
2006 Hyundai Tiburon/Tire size

What size tires are on a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon?

P205/55R16 (Base)
2003 Hyundai Tiburon/Tire size

What size tires are on a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon?

P215/45R17 (GT V6 · GT V6 Special Edition)
2004 Hyundai Tiburon/Tire size

Is a Hyundai Tiburon a fast car?

Should You Buy One? Buying a Tiburon can be a great idea if you’re looking for a solid, sporty car, especially if you’re a young driver looking for your first car. It’s fast, safe, reliable, and can usually be found for significantly cheaper than some of its more iconic competition.

Is Hyundai Tiburon front wheel drive?

Hyundai Tiburon Summary Optional variants include a 2.0 L four-cylinder engine with a four-speed automatic or six-speed manual on the GT V-6 trim. All models feature front-wheel drive (FWD).

Are Hyundai Tiburons reliable?

Hyundai Tiburon Reliability Problems Tiburon owners have made 68 complaints over 12 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we’ve ranked it 16th in overall reliability out of 25 Hyundai models , with real clutch and body concerns.

Is Hyundai Tiburon rear wheel?

You’ll never mistake the Tiburon for a rear-wheel-drive sportscar, but it acquits itself nicely. This reality, by the way, is why Hyundai recently introduced its rear-wheel-drive Genesis Coupe (with standard V-6 power and an optional V-8).

Are Tiburons good cars?

The Tiburon uses many of the same parts as other Hyundai models, and the servicing is the same, so there’s no extra cost because it is a sports model. There are no major issues to worry about; the Tiburon was a pretty reliable car. The most important thing in a car that is this old is the condition.

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