What size is 204 bearing?

What size is 204 bearing?


d 20 mm Bore diameter
D 47 mm Outside diameter
B1 30.5 mm Overall bearing width
B 21 mm Width inner ring
C 14 mm Width outer ring

What are bearing housings?

Bearing housings support your bearings, protect them from contaminants while keeping in lubricant, and can also house monitoring equipment. Essentially, they provide customizable mounted bearing solutions and help maximize performance, service life and cost-efficient maintenance of the incorporated bearing.

What are the two basic bearing housings?

housings, take-up housings and flanged housings. In the case of split plummer block housings, the upper section of the housing can be removed. This gives significantly simpler mounting and maintenance. Unsplit plummer block housings are used where the bearing arrangement is subjected to very high loads.

What is UCT bearing?

UCT is a unit that combines a bearing box fitted with a slide groove. ยท The bearing box can be moved along the slide groove in a radial direction to adjust the support position at the shaft center.

What is pillow block used for?

Pillow block bearing units are usually a housed bearing with a machined mounting surface and are used in mechanical power transmission systems to support shafts and couplings. The shaft is parallel to the mounting surface and generally perpendicular to the mounting screws. They are a type of housed bearing unit.

How do you choose a bearing house?

Selecting the Proper Housing Fit Considerations include the rotation of the inner or outer rings, type of load, and how easily it should be to install or remove the bearing from the housing. The primary factor to consider is the rotation of the bearing’s inner ring and its relationship to the radial load.

How are bearing housings made?

Bearing housings are usually made of grey cast iron. However, various grades of metals can be used to manufacture the same, including ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, and various types of thermoplastics and polyethylene-based plastics.

What is a pillow block housing?

Pillow block bearings are actually housings that have a bearing fitted into them. They are usually mounted in cleaner environments and are not meant to bear higher loads. The main application is to mount bearings safely with a stationary outer ring and a rotating inner ring.

What is UCF in bearing?

UCF is square flanged housing with four fixing holes, having a wide inner ring insert Bearings set screw locking and they are re-lubricated. The UCF pillow block (RHP SF and MSF series) consists of a bearing insert with a spherical outer diameter in a cast iron housing.

What is a take up bearing?

Take-up bearings are mounted bearings consisting of a guide frame, positioning screw, and mounting hardware and are typically used to align conveyor tracks and maintain conveyor belt tension.

What is sleeve bearing?

Sleeve bearings (sometimes called bushings, journal bearings or plain bearings) facilitate linear movement between two parts. Sleeve bearings consist of a metal, plastic or fiber-reinforced composite sleeves that reduce vibrations and noise by absorbing friction between two moving parts using a sliding motion.

What is footstep bearing?

Footstep: The footstep bearing or simply ‘step’ bearing is a thrust bearing in which the end of the shaft is in contact with the bearing surface. Collar: The collar bearing is a thrust bearing in which a collar integral with the shaft is in contact with the bearing surface.

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