What order should I read Terry Goodkind books in?

What order should I read Terry Goodkind books in?

#1 The Sword of Truth Books in Order of Publication

  • Wizard’s First Rule (1994)
  • Stone of Tears (1995)
  • Blood of the Fold (1996)
  • Temple of the Winds (1998)
  • Debt of Bones (1998) (Prequel Novella)
  • Soul of the Fire (1999)
  • Faith of the Fallen (2000)
  • The Pillars of Creation (2001)

In what order should the Sword of Truth series be read?


Published Order Chronological Order Title
1 3 Wizard’s First Rule
2 4 Stone of Tears
3 5 Blood of the Fold
4 6 Temple of the Winds

Did Terry Goodkind finish the Sword of Truth series?

But Goodkind never could stay away from the tale of Richard and Kahlan. Despite the original announcement that Sword of Truth would end in the novel Confessor (2007), he came back and wrote more books. And more books. The Sword of Truth became a 17-volume series, finally concluding in 2015 with Warheart.

Did Terry Goodkind finish his books?

Goodkind was still working on the series he began in 1994, which currently numbers twenty-one books. His last book will be published in June 2020.

Where should I start with Terry Goodkind?

Terry Goodkind books in order

  • Wizard’s First Rule ( Darken Rahl)
  • Stone of Tears ( Darken Rahl)
  • Blood of the Fold ( Imperial Order)
  • Temple of the Winds ( Imperial Order)
  • Soul of the Fire ( Imperial Order)
  • Faith of the Fallen ( Imperial Order)
  • The Pillars of Creation ( Pristinely Ungifted)

Are the Nicci chronicles finished?

A Fond Farewell—Series We’re Saying Goodbye to in 2020 Everything ends eventually, and that is (sadly) true for several Tor series in 2020.

Will there be any new Terry Goodkind books?

Goodkind passed away in September 2020. The Children Of D’Hara, to be released on Feb. 4, 2021, is a collection of the first five books written after the “Sword of Truth” series, picking up at the conclusion of the series.

Did Richard and Kahlan have a child?

The unborn child of Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell died only weeks after conception when Kahlan was brutally attacked by a gang of thugs in Anderith. The child was conceived on its parents’ wedding night at the end of Temple of the Winds and was only known to exist in the final chapters of Soul of the Fire.

How many books are in the children of Dahara series?

5 books
There are 5 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

How many pages is Stone of Tears?

979 982
Stone of Tears

Author Terry Goodkind
Publication date June 1996
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 979 982 (pocket edition)
ISBN 0-312-85706-3

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