What makes Anatomie clothes so special?

What makes Anatomie clothes so special?

In short, Anatomie’s women’s pants, tops, jackets, dresses, leggings, jeans, shorts and sweaters were built to withstand tougher conditions while looking sleek. Try a blazer with a removable hood on for size or easy-care side-zip pants constructed out of super stretch, quick-dry, and UV protection fabric.

What is Anatomie?

Founded in 2006, Anatomie is a European-made luxury travel leisurewear brand combining high functionality with the finest materials, centered on a contemporary style, innovative features and unique designs for the active and adventurous.

What to wear with an Anatomie jacket?

This jacket with a drawstring waist has a unique cut that can keep you dry on a misty hike through the woods. But later, tack up the sleeves with the concealed strap and snaps, add a nice top, a chunky necklace, your favorite Anatomie pants, a pair of heels, and head out for an elegant dinner. Totally happy with this purchase.

Why choose Anatomie?

From business casual to athleisure attire, Anatomie offers sustainable collections to suit all occasions. Your clothing should be easy to take care of, easy to pack, and easy to live in. Whether you shop our essential lightweight travel pants, or the complete catalog of women’s travel clothing, you will be sure to find your favorite look.

What are your thoughts on Anatomie leggings?

Anatomie’s leather fleece-lined leggings are amazing. The spaced placement of the leather gives extra zing. The leather itself is astonishingly soft and pliable. I’d be still happier with pockets but understand how they might detract from the fit. I lived in three pairs of light-weight Anatomie pants in the summer and the fall.

What is Anatomie at Neiman Marcus?

Embrace the elements in style with Anatomie at Neiman Marcus — a collection of luxury travel wear that is both lightweight and highly durable. Crafted with the finest French and Italian materials, the collection is meant to be the pinnacle of form and function for the jet-set group.

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