What kind of sterilization is a STATIM?

What kind of sterilization is a STATIM?

Description: STATIM 2000 and STATIM 5000 Cassette Autoclaves are table top steam sterilizers that feature a variety of sterilizing cycles, and are suitable for the sterilization of all types of dental and medical instruments designed to withstand steam steril- ization.

How do you clear a STATIM?

A: To empty the reservoir, use the drain tube. If your Statim does not have a drain tube, a hand pump will suffice. Except when filling or emptying the reservoir, keep the reservoir cap securely fastened at all times.

What is the difference between autoclave and STATIM?

Cycle time: Compared with the traditional autoclave, Statim has a shorter cycle run, around 6-9 minutes. The autoclave has a cycle run of 15-30 minutes. For a practice who has a high turn around time, a Statim may be a necessary tool, when time is crucial.

Is STATIM dry heat?

STATIM provides sterilization and dryness at speeds faster than conventional chambered autoclaves. Using only a small amount of water for each cycle, the STATIM heats and converts to steam in mere seconds. The innovative design of STATIM’s fully removable chamber allows for quick heating and cooling.

How does a Statim work?

What is Statim?

Medical Definition of statim : immediately or without delay.

How do you clear a Statim 5000?

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Place a water container below the unit.
  2. Using the drain tube (see Section 3.5 Priming the Pump, Figure 6 of the Statim 5000 User Manual) empty the contents of the reservoir into the water container.
  3. Remove any remaining water from the reservoir with a non-linting, absorbent towel.

What is STATIM?

STATIM is the world’s fastest cassette autoclave from start to sterileā„¢, gentle on your instruments due to its patented steam process and relied upon by the busiest of practices.

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