What kind of horse was Ophelia on Heartland?

What kind of horse was Ophelia on Heartland?

The Gypsy Cob, also known as the Traditional Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Gypsy Horse or Gypsy Vanner, is a type or breed of domestic horse from the islands Great Britain and Ireland.

How much does a Gypsy Vanner cost?

How Much Do Gypsy Vanners Cost? The Gypsy Vanner is an expensive horse, not only to care for but also to buy, and you can expect an average price of around $12,000.

How much are Gypsy Vanner horses worth?

Top breeding stallions and uncastrated adult Gypsy horse males trained in shows may cost you $45,000 to $60,000….

The Gypsy Vanner horse breed value
Age Price
Purebred adult horse $5,000 to $40,000
Top breeding stallions $45,000 to $60,000

Is a Gypsy Vanner a good riding horse?

The Gypsy Vanner also makes for a great riding horse, thanks to its laid-back temperament. Gypsies are ridden both English and Western, and they’re suitable for many different disciplines, from dressage to trail riding and more.

Are Gypsy Vanner horses rare?

The Gypsy Vanner Horse is a beautiful and rare new breed of horse envisioned by the European Gypsies. These shire-type horses have been selectively bred for the past 50 years to be the perfect caravan horse.

Where did Gypsy Vanners come from?

United Kingdom
Galineers Cob/Origin

How tall are Gypsy Vanners?

13 to 16 hands
The Gypsy Vanner Horse is a hearty draft style horse that is generally 13 to 16 hands in height.

How many Gypsy Vanners are there?

Thanks to Dennis and Cindy Thompson, these stunning horses first immigrated to the United States in 1996, and the Thompson’s established The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. In 2015, there were over 4000 Gypsy Vanner horses registered in the society, and they are still incredibly popular today.

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