What kills Mangudai?

What kills Mangudai?

Hand cannons, scorpions, onagers, arbalests, skirmishers, virtually anything with a longer range (most ranged units) can win against them. Maybe not cavalry archers so much. Camels have an attack bonus against both. However, one must always be careful when using non-ranged units against ranged ones.

What is the counter to Mangudai?

Saracen camels and mamelukes are perfect counters to Paladins and Mangudai, especially if you have Zealotry researched to give them +30 HP. In this scenario, if you create an army of camels and/or mamelukes the same size as the Mongol army of Paladins and Mangudai, you should win.

Are Mangudai good?

In conclusion, Elite Mangudai are worth the hype. they have the 3rd most AP of any archer unit in the game, and can fire off those arrows insanely fast. They have few weaknesses, and few units in AOE2 are as versatile as the Mangudai.

Does Parthian tactics affect Mangudai?

In the game files, the tech for some reason specifically affects the Cavalry Archer, Mangudai, Camel Archer, Elephant Archer and Kipchak (along with their upgraded counterparts) instead of just taking the class as a whole (all cavalry archers), like the Mongol 25% increased attack speed bonus does.

Does thumb ring apply to cavalry archers?

Thumb Ring is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors available at the Archery Range upon reaching the Castle Age. Once researched, all archers (foot archers and Cavalry Archers) are able to fire faster and with 100% accuracy at non-moving targets (it does not affect gunpowder units).

How good is thumb ring aoe2?

Does Thumbring affect skirmishers?

-Pretty sure thumb ring doesn’t affect skirmishers because they already have 100% accuracy. The increased fire speed also doesn’t apply to skirms. So skirms already hit units that stand still 100% of the time. -But they need ballistics to hit a moving target (assuming enemy doesnt micro).

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