What is work done by a variable force?

What is work done by a variable force?

W = F.Δx. In the case of a variable force, work is calculated with the help of integration. For example, in the case of a spring, the force acting upon any object attached to a horizontal spring can be given as: Fs = -kx.

What is a variable force definition?

[′ver·ē·ə·bəl ′fȯrs] (mechanics) A force whose direction or magnitude or both change with time.

What is the variable for force in physics?

The formula for force says force is equal to mass (m) multiplied by acceleration (a). If you have any two of the three variables, you can solve for the third. Force is measured in Newtons (N), mass in kilograms (kg), and acceleration in meters per second squared ( m/s2 ).

What is meant by work done?

Work done on a body is equal to the increase in the energy of the body, for work transfers energy to the body. If, however, the applied force is opposite to the motion of the object, the work is considered to be negative, implying that energy is taken from the object.

What is work done class 9?

Class IX Science Work Done. • Work done on an object is defined as the magnitude of the force multiplied by the distance moved by the object in the direction of the applied force. Work done = force × distance. = F × s.

What is work done in thermodynamics?

In thermodynamics, work performed by a system is energy transferred by the system to its surroundings, by a mechanism through which the system can spontaneously exert macroscopic forces on its surroundings. In the surroundings, through suitable passive linkages, the work can lift a weight, for example.

What is work in physics class 11?

In Physics, work is defined as the product of force and displacement. If an object is acted upon by a force, work done is nothing but the product of the magnitude of this force and the displacement of the object caused by the force. It is important that displacement occurs in the process.

What is work done?

In summary, work is done when a force acts upon an object to cause a displacement. Three quantities must be known in order to calculate the amount of work. Those three quantities are force, displacement and the angle between the force and the displacement.

What is work done by the system?

Work done on the system means something outside the system did something (other than heat flow into the system) to increase the internal energy of the system. Work done by the system means the system’s internal energy decreased as it did work on something outside the system.

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