What is vandal camera?

What is vandal camera?

Vandal proof security cameras are outfitted with metal housings to prevent the lens from becoming damaged when there’s maltreatment or physical abuse. Vandal proof security cameras should always be considered when investing in a video surveillance system for your home or business property.

What is vandal resistant in CCTV?

Vandal-resistant cameras are designed to be rugged and tough so that they will continue working when subjected to rough treatment. The best vandal-resistant cameras will withstand direct blows to their housings and lens covers without breaking and without interrupting the video.

What makes a camera vandal resistant?

Vandal proof security cameras or CCTV cameras are the IP cameras outfitted with metal housings or vandal-proof dome covers, so as to prevent the lens from becoming damaged or destroyed when there’s maltreatment or physical abuse.

What is IK10 vandal proof?

An IK10 rating on a camera, means that it’s protected against 20 joules on impact, making it extremely safe & vandal proof, giving you peace of mind. Whereas an IK01 rating would mean the camera could only withstand 0.15 joules of impact.

What is varifocal camera?

A varifocal lens is a camera lens with variable focal length in which focus changes as focal length (and magnification) changes, as compared to a parfocal (“true”) zoom lens, which remains in focus as the lens zooms (focal length and magnification change).

What IP65 means?

An IP65 rated enclosure gives protection against low pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray. It’s suitable for most outdoor enclosures that won’t encounter extreme weather such as flooding. An IP67 rated enclosure offers much more substantial protection against liquid ingress.

What is anti vandal switch?

Anti- vandal switches are designed for applications that are subjected to harsh use and attempts to damage them. Applications for anti-vandal switches (and tamper proof) include vending kiosks, public ticket dispensers, pedestrian cross walk signals and security keypad panels in a gated community.

Is varifocal the same as zoom?

How do varifocals work?

Varifocal lenses work by changing power from the top to the bottom of the lens. Moving your eyes up and down the lens will give you clear vision at all the distances you need. This means if you are using a cash machine you would be able to view the keys, screen, your card and then continue to walk down the street.

What is difference between dome camera and bullet camera?

Some of the key differences between bullet cameras versus dome cameras include shape, installation, and camera range. While bullet cameras stick out and point in one direction, dome cameras are more discreet due to their dome shell protection and wider camera angle.

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