What is Thermo brick?

What is Thermo brick?

POROTHERM THERMO BRICK has borrowed the principle of. thermal Insulation from nature, to become a unique waling material. – one that keeps the interiors cool in summer and warm in winter!

Are porotherm bricks good?

Porotherm Bricks are 60% lighter than conventional walling material which allows substantial savings on structural cost due. This also allows for faster construction and ease of handling. Excellent thermal insulation which is 45% better when compared to other conventional construction materials.

Which is better clay bricks or cement bricks?

Brick strength– Comparably clay bricks have a compressive strength two and a half to three times stronger to three times higher than concrete bricks. Meaning clay bricks can withstand eight to twelve thousand pounds while concrete generally can only face three to four thousand pounds.

What are AAC bricks?

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is made with fine aggregates, cement, and an expansion agent that causes the fresh mixture to rise like bread dough. In fact, this type of concrete contains 80 percent air. In the factory where it is made, the material is molded and cut into precisely dimensioned units.

What are calcium silicate bricks?

Calcium silicate bricks are made of sand and lime and popularly known as sand lime bricks. These bricks are used for several purposes in construction industries such as ornamental works in buildings, masonry works etc.

What is the price of hollow bricks in Kerala?

Cost of Building Materials

Description Approximate Cost In Rs Unit
Hollow Hourdi Brick 1.5 Feet Size 18″x 19″ x3″ 80.60 Per Piece
Hollow Hourdi Brick 2 Feet Size 24″x 19″ x3″ 94.78 Per Piece
Hollow Hourdi Brick 2.5 Feet Size 30″x 19″ x3″ 104.23 Per Piece
Fly Ash Bricks Size 9″ x 4 1/4″ x 3″ 8.30 Per Piece

Is Terracotta a brick?

Terra Cotta Brick is a brick made from natural clay with strong orange, brown and terracotta clay tones.

What are porotherm smart bricks?

Porotherm Smart Bricks are 60% lighter than conventional walling material thus allowing substantial savings on structural cost due to reduction in dead load. This also allows for faster construction and ease of handling. Comfortable and healthy living.

Which type of brick is best?

Burnt Clay Bricks Burnt clay bricks are the oldest and most widely used construction material. These are superior quality bricks and are used in the construction of many vital structural members like walls, columns, foundation, etc.

Which bricks are best for construction in India?

In all aspects fly, ash bricks are better than clay bricks. They are environment-friendly because the maximum constituent is ash and flies ash bricks have greater strength as compared to red bricks. We can choose to fly ash brick which is the best brick for home construction.

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