What is there to see between Athens and Thessaloniki?

What is there to see between Athens and Thessaloniki?

The top stops along the way from Athens to Thessaloniki (with short detours) are Acropolis Museum, White Tower of Thessaloniki, and Parthenon. Other popular stops include Delphi, Koukounaries Beach, and Plaka.

Is Thessaloniki close to Athens?

The distance between the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki is 310 miles (499 km). The fastest way to get to Thessaloniki is to fly, which takes 40 minutes. If you’re looking to go by land, you can jump on a train. Slow and fast train options are available and can offer you a stress-free and scenic route up north.

Which is better Athens or Thessaloniki?

While Thessaloniki is close to beaches of its own (more on that later!), Athens is way better connected to the islands. Therefore, if you’re planning a Greek island hopping trip by ferry, you’re going to want to start in Athens as it is much better connected to the islands.

Where do I go after Thessaloniki?

Macedonia, Greece From the port of Thessaloniki, you can travel by ferry to the North Aegean islands, the Sporades, the Cyclades and Crete. The vibrant city is also a popular holiday destination, famous for its rich history, multicultural past, superb cuisine and exciting nightlife.

Is Thessaloniki close to Santorini?

The distance between ThessalonĂ­ki and Santorini Island is 520 km.

How long does it take to get to Athens from Thessaloniki?

The train journey time between ThessalonĂ­ki and Athens is around 4h 9m and covers a distance of around 538 km. Operated by Greek Railways (OSE), the ThessalonĂ­ki to Athens train service departs from Thessaloniki and arrives in Athens.

Does the Eurail go to Greece?

The Eurail Greece Pass is the best way to discover the ancient wonders of Greece. Travel to highlights like Athens, Thessaloniki and Meteora. Available for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 days of travel within 1 month.

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