What is the velocity of a CCI Mini-Mag?

What is the velocity of a CCI Mini-Mag?

1235 FPS
The CCI Mini-Mag is a standard size bullet (40 grain) at a higher-than-standard velocity of 1235 FPS. It uses an easy handling, copper-plated, round-nosed bullet. It’s a favorite in the gopher squad for its availability and good overall results.

What is considered high velocity in 22lr?

Registered. In Benchrest 22 we consider anything above about 1150fps to be High velocity. All of the high end 22 target shells come in at the 1150fps range.

What is a 22lr Mini-Mag?

CCI® Mini-Mag® 22 LR offers peak velocities, and a proven, accurate copper-plated hollow point bullet design. Clean-burning propellants ensure reliable performance. Original CCI® offering, still the most popular. Reliable feeding. Clean-burning powder won’t foul barrels.

Are CCI Mini Mag high velocity?

CCI Mini-Mag is one of the industry’s leading high velocity rimfire rounds that features clean-burning propellants helping to keep the action cleaner than other popular rimfire ammunitions.

Does CCI make good ammo?

CCI produces one of our most-beloved handgun practice ammo lines — Blazer Brass. This is some of the best budget-friendly centerfire ammo on the market, and you best believe we’ve shot thousands of rounds of it. For cheap plinking ammo that could do as competition ammo in a pinch, it’s not bad.

How fast is standard velocity 22LR?

1,070 ft/s
The velocity of standard-velocity . 22 LR rounds varies between manufacturers. Some standard velocity ammo may be slightly supersonic-around 1,125 ft/s (343 m/s), other ammo such as CCI Standard Velocity . 22 LR ammunition is rated at 1,070 ft/s (330 m/s).

What does CCI mean in bullets?

Cascade Cartridge Inc.
CCI (Cascade Cartridge Inc.), based in Lewiston, Idaho, manufactures rimfire ammunition, centerfire handgun ammunition, and primers for reloaders and industrial power loads. CCI made the first mini-mag rimfire ammunition in 1963, and in 1975 developed the Stinger, a high velocity . 22 Long Rifle product.

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