What is the Spanish conjugation for poder?

What is the Spanish conjugation for poder?


Yo puedo podemos
Tú (Vos) puedes (podés) podéis
Él/Ella/Usted puede pueden

What are the 6 conjugations of saber?


Yo Nosotros/Nosotras
Tú (Vos) sabes (sabés) Vosotros/Vosotras
Él/Ella/Usted sabe Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes

What is the conjugations for Saber?

As every set of irregular verb conjugations, the saber conjugations have their own peculiarities….Saber Conjugation: Imperative Mood.

Subject Affirmative Negative
sabe no sepas
nosotros sepamos no sepamos
ustedes sepan no sepan

What is saber used for in Spanish?

Saber: facts, information, how to do something. Conocer: people, places, things. So for example, if you ‘know’ a person (a friend or someone famous), you always have to use conocer.

Does poder stem change?

Lesson Summary The verb poder (to be able to/can) is an irregular verb, meaning that it doesn’t follow normal verb conjugation patterns. In the present tense, poder has a o –> ue stem change in all forms except nosotros/nosotras. In the future tense, the stem changes to podr- before we add our future endings.

What is saber in yo form?

She knows that tomorrow is not Tuesday: Ella sabe que mañana no es martes. I know when the party starts: Yo sé cuándo empieza la fiesta….How to Conjugate Saber and Conocer.

yo sé nosotros sabemos
tú sabes vosotros sabéis
él/ella/usted sabe ellos/ellas/ustedes saben

What is saber in the yo form?

What is saber in the subjunctive?

Saber in the Subjunctive Present For example, “sepa”, meaning “I know”.

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