What is the similarities between ant and butterfly?

What is the similarities between ant and butterfly?

Butterflies and ants are both insects so they share many physiological similarities: division into head/thorax and abdomen, six legs, four wings (only usually present in the sexual forms of ants), complete metamorphosis in development, exoskeleton, 2 compound eyes and a number of simple eyes, antennae, etc.

What are the similarities of ants and bees?

The parts are the head, thorax, and abdomen. Bees and ants both have compound eyes (made up of many tiny eyes) and antennae (or feelers). Bees and ants also follow the same kind of life cycle, a metamorphosis. First, the queen bee or ant (the mother of all the bees and ants) lays an egg.

What do butterflies and bees have in common?

Like all butterflies, they are pollinators, drinking nectar from one flower, and depositing its pollen on the next. The honeybee pollinates about one-third of our food crops.

What is the relationship between butterflies and ants?

Lycaenid butterflies and ants are representative examples of mutualism, in which different species benefit from the activities of the other.

How are ants and butterflies different?

They belong to the animal phylum Arthropoda. Within this phylum they belong to the class Insecta. Ants are classified in the order Hymenoptera where as butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera. Ants are colonial animals where as butterflies are not.

Do ants protect butterflies?

Thus, because this interaction is often mutually beneficial, we call it a mutualism, meaning that both the ants and the caterpillars do better because of it: ants get food and caterpillars get protection.

Why ants and bees are hardworking insects?

Ants and bees are thought to be the most hardworking insects because of their exceptional skills. They both work with great dedication in order to collect food for them. They know the trick to collect and store food for later use. They both build their own homes.

Do ants and bees work together?

Many insect species, including ants and bees, work together in colonies, and their cooperative behavior determines the survival of the entire group.

How are butterflies and bees different?

While bees buzz their way from flower to flower, butterflies glide and flit back and forth as if they know they are putting on a show for us. Butterflies like to perch on larger flower heads when they hunt nectar, collecting pollen on their legs and body as they search for food.

How do ants and caterpillars benefit from their relationship?

The ants (Ectatomma tuberculatum) have a symbiotic relationship, known as myrmecophily, with the caterpillars. The caterpillars have evolved a special structure called the “dorsal nectary organ” which produces sugars and amino acids for the ants.

What type of relationship is shown by the ants and the ants and the caterpillar?

How do ants help butterflies?

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