What is the red lever on a Johnson outboard?

What is the red lever on a Johnson outboard?

The red lever is the switch for the Schrader valve when you are running tuner (or fogging oil) through your motor.

Can you lay a boat motor down to transport it?

For 2-stroke outboard motors, you may be able to keep it lying on its side while in transit but make sure to store it upright once you store it. Meanwhile, for 4-stroke boat motors, it is best to keep them upright at all times.

How do you manually lift an inboard motor?

Reach to the back of the engine housing to the back transom — the very back edge of the boat. Look for two metal pins connecting the shaft to the trim-motor. Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the pins from the trim motor, preparing the shaft-propeller to be raised manually. Leave the cowling open.

Can you lay an outboard motor on its side for transport?

Can you lay or store your outboard on your side? Yes, this can be done though err on the side of caution. Before you do its always best to check the owner’s manual to ascertain the recommended way to store your motor on its side.

Can you transport a 4 stroke outboard on its side?

It’s almost never a good idea to lay an outboard motor down on its side or back. This is doubly true in the winter, when moisture from condensation needs to drain from the motor. Evinrude/Johnson emphatically states that four-stroke motors must be stored upright and recommends this for all other motors.

What does a primer solenoid do?

The purpose of the primer solenoid is to assist cold starting by injecting a small shot of fuel into your carburetors each time it is activated. It makes one squirt each time you press in on the ignition key. It injects via a small hose going to each carb.

Can you lay a 4 stroke boat motor down?

Is it OK to transport an outboard motor on its side?

How do I manually raise my stern drive?

the drive is raised by hydraulic rams, to raise it manually you have to slack off a hydrualic union to let fluid out and thus enable the rams to retract,this will let fluid out when you raise the leg so be prepared for a spillage. then put a rope round the drive haul it up and tie it off somewhere on the boat.

What side do you lay a 2 stroke outboard motor on?

Always lie it on the throttle side, not the gear lever side.

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