What is the purpose of the old oligarch?

What is the purpose of the old oligarch?

bc Athens, preserved among the works of Xenophon, but better referred to as The Constitution of the Athenians. The pamphlet aims to show that the demos (common people) at Athens run affairs in their own interests, and it takes the curious form of a salute from an anti‐democratic viewpoint.

Where was the old oligarch from?

Old Oligarch is the modern name given to a short pamphlet about 5th-cent. bce Athens, preserved among the works of Xenophon(1) and sometimes referred to as ps. -Xenophon, Constitution of the Athenians.

Who wrote Ath Pol?

Aristotle is the author of the Ath. Pol., in conformity with the ancient tradition and in agreement with the opinion of some modern commentators and scholars. For detailed discussion of the problem see P. J. Rhodes, A Commentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia (Oxford 1981: hereafter RHODES) 58–63.

Did Aristotle write the Athenian Constitution?

The Constitution of the Athenians, also called the Athenian Constitution (Greek: Ἀθηναίων πολιτεία, Athenaion Politeia; Latin: Atheniensium Respublica), is a work by Aristotle or one of his students. The work describes the constitution of Athens.

What did the old oligarch write?

‘Old Oligarch’ is a label often applied to the unknown author of the Athenian Constitution preserved with the works of Xenophon. Probably written in the mid 420s B.C., it is the earliest surviving Athenian prose text, and its author was probably a young pupil of the teachers known as sophists.

How was property inherited in ancient Greece?

In Athens, if a deceased man left legitimate sons, they shared the property equally; if a son predeceased his father leaving sons of his own, those sons inherited their father’s share. If the deceased man left a daughter but no son, the daughter’s sons inherited.

Where did constitutionalism originated?

The Origins of Constitutionalism Way back in 1215, King John of England was forced by a group of wealthy nobles to sign a document called the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta set certain limits on the king’s power.

How many constitutions did Aristotle study?

158 states
Like his work in zoology, Aristotle’s political studies combine observation and theory. He and his students documented the constitutions of 158 states—one of which, The Constitution of Athens, has survived on papyrus.

When was the Spartan constitution written?

The Polity dates to the period between 387 and 375 BC, and is the only contemporary account of the Spartan political system which survives.

Did ostracism make Athens more or less democratic use evidence from the document?

They voted people into office and had regular procedures for voting one person per year out of office. Did ostracism make Athens more or less democratic? Use evidence from the document to support your answer. They made them more democratic because they got in the office.

Who owned land in ancient Greece?

By the end of the 7th century and beginning of 6th century BC, land concentration occurred and most lands were held by the nobility.

Who inherited the Athenians?

An epikleros (ἐπίκληρος; plural epikleroi) was an heiress in ancient Athens and other ancient Greek city states, specifically a daughter of a man who had no sons. In Sparta, they were called patrouchoi (πατροῦχοι), as they were in Gortyn.

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