What is the order of the Detective Dee movies?

What is the order of the Detective Dee movies?

Di renjie: Tong tian di guo2010
Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon2013Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly King2018
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Will there be more Detective Dee movies?

The upcoming film, based on one of the unsolved puzzles from the previous two films, will continue the timeline of the second film. Hark says that the new film will have more twists, and that he frequently had to ask playwright Chang Chia-lu to rewrite the script.

Who is Di Renjie?

Di Renjie (630 – November 11, 700), courtesy name Huaiying (懷英), formally Duke Wenhui of Liang (梁文惠公), was an official of Tang and Zhou dynasties, twice serving as chancellor during the reign of Wu Zetian. He was one of the most celebrated officials of Wu Zetian’s reign.

Was Detective Dee a real person?

Judge Dee, or Judge Di, is a semi-fictional character based on the historical figure Di Renjie, county magistrate and statesman of the Tang court. The character appeared in the 18th-century Chinese detective and gong’an crime novel Di Gong An.

How many Detective Dee movies are there?

Is Judge Dee a good Tang Dynasty magistrate?

Judge Dee is an effective magistrate because he blends both Confucian and Legalist values seamlessly, and is well aware of the Tang dynasty’s social hierarchy. Firstly, Judge Dee represents Confucian values. One value that he flawlessly portrays is filial piety, or respect for one’s family members, especially elders.

Is Judge Dee a Confucian?

Is Judge Dee a good magistrate?

Judge Dee included both Legalist and Confucian methods to help move along each case and eventually solve them. He used these different techniques to help him solve each case, but three certain Confucian values helped him truly become a good magistrate. The three Confucian values were Ren, Xiào, and Li.

Was Judge Dee a good Tang Dynasty magistrate?

Although Judge Dee said he could have severely punished Dr. Tang, he didn’t because of his high social standing; instead Judge Dee was very lenient. Because of his ability to blend the two schools together, Judge Dee was a powerful and legendary magistrate.

Is Judge Dee a good Confucian?

Is Judge Dee a good judge?

Although Judge Dee’s methods were sometimes considered brutal by today’s standards, in his time he was a magnificent judge. Because he was able to pull ideas and values from the three different philosophies, legalism, daoism, and Confucianism, and use them to his advantage, proved he was a very effective magistrate.

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