What is the nickname for Kappa Alpha Theta?

What is the nickname for Kappa Alpha Theta?

Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ), also known simply as Theta, is an international women’s fraternity founded on January 27, 1870, at DePauw University, formerly Indiana Asbury.

Is Kappa Alpha Theta a top sorority?

Judged purely on its number of famous alumni, Kappa Alpha Theta is the undisputed winner. Its ranks of notable women include Tory Burch, Melinda Gates, Claire McCaskill, and Sheryl Crow.

What are the 4 points of the theta kite?

Those four points are: Intellectual Curiosity, Leadership Potential, Commitment to Service, and Personal Excellence.

What sorority was Amy Grant in?

Kappa Alpha Theta Celebrities who have pledged Theta include Tory Burch, Sheryl Crow, Laura Bush, Barbara and Jenna Bush, Melinda Gates, Amy Grant, Ann-Margret, Dylan Lauren, Cindy McCain, Katie Lee Joel, Stephanie Marsh, Sarah Clarke, Rue McClanahan, Claire McCaskill, Lynne Cheney, and Kerri Strug.

What are Thetas known for?

Thetas are known for being leaders—even pioneers—in in all fields of endeavor, from athletics to aerospace, from law to literature, from music to medicine. Nancy Kassebaum, Kappa/Kansas, was the first woman to chair a major United States Senate committee.

What are Kappa Alpha Psi colors?

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

  • Nickname: Kappa, Kappa Man, Kappa Fellow, Nupe.
  • Colors: Crimson and Creme. Flower: Red Carnation.
  • Chapter: Theta Beta Chapter.
  • Nationally Founded: January 5, 1911 at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.
  • Founded Locally: May 25, 1975.

What does Kappa Alpha Theta mean?

Kappa Alpha Theta was established in 1870 as the first Greek-letter Fraternity among women. Since then, every member has dedicated herself to live by the Fraternity’s “four points of the kite:” personal excellence, leadership potential, commitment to service, and intellectual curiosity.

Was Jenna Bush in a sorority?

Early life With her father becoming President in 2001, she attended the University of Texas at Austin and took summer classes at New York University. She was a legacy member of Kappa Alpha Theta, her mother’s sorority.

Was Tory Burch a Kappa Alpha Theta?

Tory Burch She not only was a successful member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, but also had a major in art history, a subject few people study today. She turned that knowledge into an amazing career in fashion design, which has made her one of the top businesswomen and philanthropists in the world today.

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