What is the little black button on the top of the Galaxy S5?

What is the little black button on the top of the Galaxy S5?

When you put the Galaxy S5 on Standby using the Power/Lock button, the screen stops responding to touch. It blacks out, indicating that the screen is locked. Always lock the screen before putting the Galaxy S5 in your pocket or bag to avoid accidental screen taps and potentially embarrassing unintended phone calls.

What can Samsung S5 do?

The 5 Best and Worst Features of the Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Water Resistant. Water resistant smartphones is a new trend that got started by the Sony Xperia Z from early 2013.
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode.
  • Excellent Battery Life.
  • Download Booster.
  • 16 Megapixel Camera.
  • Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Plastic Case.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S5 have fast charging?

Inclusion of a Qualcomm processor means that the Galaxy S5 supports Quick Charge 2.0 , technology that can take a battery from flat to 20 percent in 12 minutes, and fully charge it in a little over an hour and a half.

How do I zoom in and out on my Samsung phone?

Open the Camera app, and pinch on the viewfinder to zoom. A zoom bar will appear to let you swiftly zoom in and out with your finger and change the zoom level with a simple swipe.

Why does the Galaxy S5 have two charging ports?

Why does the Samsung Galaxy S5 have two charging ports? It is an industry standard connector type which is also used on 2.5″ (laptop size) external hard drives. It is used for the same reason as any other USB 3.0/3.1 type A, B, or C connector, for faster data transfer speeds compared to USB 2.0.

How do I enable fast charging on my Galaxy s5?

  1. Head into your Settings > Device Care.
  2. Select Battery.
  3. Tap on.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Toggle on Fast cable charging or Fast wireless charging.

How do you zoom in on selfie mode?

Make sure you’re in the Photo mode (not Portrait). Switch to the front-facing camera. Tap the diagonal arrows at the bottom to zoom out and to zoom in. Alternatively, you can pinch your fingers together to zoom in or move them apart to zoom out.

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