What is the difference between an EcoSphere and terrarium?

What is the difference between an EcoSphere and terrarium?

Terrariums have mainly plant species or similar organisms in an enclosed glass container. Terrariums are often closed, but there are models with an opening for air ventilation. Ecosphere, however, are glass enclosures that are pod or sphere-shaped in design that houses aquatic species and organisms.

How big should an EcoSphere be?

Specifications and Pricing

EcoSphere® Specifications and Price
Medium Sphere EcoSphere 5.25″ Dia. Order
Large Pod EcoSphere 7.50″ Tall Order
Large Sphere EcoSphere 6.50″ Dia. Order
Extra Large Sphere EcoSphere 9.00″ Dia. Order

How long does an EcoSphere last?

The breakdown products provide nutrients to the algae and bacteria upon which the shrimp feed. The manufacturer states that shrimp live in the EcoSphere for an average of 2 to 3 years, and are known to live over 12 years. A magnetic scrubber is enclosed in each EcoSphere.

How do you make a good EcoSphere?

The how is pretty simple:

  1. Shovel some sediment and soil into the bottom of your jar.
  2. Add water from the pond.
  3. Add a few plants like hornwort, duckweed, water grass.
  4. Find a couple of freshwater snails or small crustaceans to add.
  5. Seal it up and watch life unfold!

How is a terrarium similar to a natural ecosystem?

A terrarium is a small semi or fully enclosed garden. Most terrariums are small enough to be fit into large bottles or jars, but some can be as big as a display shelf! A good terrarium is a fully functional micro-ecosystem. Their natural ecosystem means that they are low maintenance.

Are terrariums self sustaining?

Essentially a terrarium is a self-sustaining plant ecosystem with living plants inside, so plant selection is crucial. It’s best to choose plants that are both slow growing and enjoy a bit of humidity.

Do Ecospheres need sunlight?

Sudden changes can affect the life of the system. DO provide artificial light or indirect sunlight for your EcoSphere for at least 6 to 12 hours per day. The intensity can be suitable for plants needing low levels of light.

Can you refill an EcoSphere?

We cannot replace, recharge or upgrade any EcoSphere that arrives cracked or broken. Don’t forget to sign the form at the bottom.

Do EcoSpheres need sunlight?

Where should I place my EcoSphere?

A suitable location would be in a comfortable room temperature (between 65 and 80 degrees F) and out of direct sunlight. The EcoSphere can then be wrapped up (for less than 24 hours) to give as a present. When the EcoSphere is wrapped up, be sure it is not exposed to temperature extremes.

How do you make a microbiome in a jar?

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Step one: Add small rocks to the bottom of the jar.
  2. Step two: Cover the rocks with a layer of soil (optional)
  3. Step three: Place damp moss over the base layer.
  4. Step four: Accessorize!
  5. Step five: Seal your mini ecosystem.
  6. Step six: Place at a windowsill and enjoy!

What can you do with EcoSphere?

Keep your EcoSphere at a consistent temperature between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (15C-25C). Temperatures above 85 degrees put excess stress on the shrimp, and temperatures below 60 slow down the metabolism of the shrimp. Do not let the temperature fluctuate erratically.

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