What is the DARE in passato prossimo?

What is the DARE in passato prossimo?

‘dare’ is the model of its conjugation….tempi composti.

trapassato prossimo
lui, lei, Lei, egli aveva dato
noi avevamo dato
voi avevate dato
loro, Loro, essi avevano dato

What is the verb to stay in Italian?

Rimanere is a versatile Italian verb which means to “stay,” “remain,” “be left behind, or “be left over.” It is an irregular second-conjugation Italian verb. Rimanere is also an intransitive verb, so it does not take a direct object.

How do you conjugate Scendere?

Scendere is an Italian irregular verb meaning to go down….Scendere Conjugation: Present Tense.

io scendo
tu scendi
lui/lei scende
noi scendiamo
voi scendete

What does the Italian word CE mean?

there is
C’è can be translated as “there is”. Ce n’è can also be translated as “there is”, but the extra particle ne (that makes ci become ce) refers to something previously mentioned.

What is the irregular dare verb in Italian?

Below is the present tense conjugation of the irregular Italian ARE verbs fare, dare & stare

Subject Pronoun Dare conjugated English
Io Do I give
Tu Dai You give
Lui/Lei He/She gives

What verb is sta in Italian?

Stare is an extremely important Italian verb, which is often used in everyday conversation….Stare Conjugation in the Indicative Present Tense.

Presente Present tense
io sto I stay
tu stai you stay
lui/lei sta he/she stay
noi stiamo we stay

What is Scendere?

(to) get off, get down, (to) go down.

Is Scendere essere or avere?

Verbs that use essere usually refer to a change in bodily state while avere is performing an action. Verbs that can use both, like scendere, have a very slight difference in meaning which is found here.

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