What is the book Mississippi Trial, 1955 about?

What is the book Mississippi Trial, 1955 about?

Set in Mississippi in 1955, the novel tells the true story of the abduction and murder of African-American teenaged boy Emmett Till as well as the trial of his murderers through the point of view of Till’s fictionalized white friend Hiram Hillburn.

What is the falling action of Mississippi Trial, 1955?

Falling Action Hiram and Emmett Till became close friends and hung out, went fishing, and did the average guy stuff. Emmett didn’t know how things were done in Mississippi and when they told him how things worked between the whites and blacks he didn’t take it seriously.

What is the internal conflict in the Mississippi Trial, 1955?

Without dispute, the main conflict in Mississippi Trial, 1955 is segregation.

Who is the antagonist of Mississippi Trial, 1955?

Antagonist and Protagonist The protagonist in this story would have to be Hiram. He’s always very nice to everyone,and would go out of his way to try and save someone. Hiram will also do whatever is right. On the other hand R.C. would have to be the antagonist.

What genre is Mississippi Trial 1955?

Historical FictionMississippi Trial, 1955 / Genre

How old is Hiram Hillburn?

Hiram Hillburn is a 16 year old boy who grew up with his narrow-minded grandpa in…show more content… She was more of a very joyous, bubbly character, oblivious of what could’ve happened having Minny as not only her maid, but her friend. On the other hand, Hiram is not the case with being that way.

What trouble in money does RC tell Hiram about?

How does Hiram initially hear of the trouble in Money? RC tells him there was trouble with a strange boy up to Bryant’s store.

Where do Hiram and his family move?

Hiram Hillburn is the narrator of the novel. Hiram does not live in Greenwood, but comes to visit his grandparents every summer. Hiram’s father is reluctant to send him back to Mississippi, as he packed up the family and moved to Arizona years before, but finally relents the summer Hiram is 16.

Why does Hiram hesitant spend time with RC?

Hiram thinks that RC didn’t like Emmett, and he was another kid for him to push around. And RC acted like a jerk around Emmett.

Why doesnt Naomi want Hiram testify?

Why doesn’t Naomi want Hiram to testify in court? She is afraid for him. She does not want Hiram to get into trouble, get hurt by RC. She also doesn’t want her brother (RC) to get into trouble because then she will be left alone with her father.

What was Emmett Till personality like?

“Emmett was a funny guy all the time. He had a suitcase of jokes that he liked to tell,” said Heard. “He loved to make people laugh. He was a chubby kid; most of the guys were skinny, but he didn’t let that stand in his way.

Where did Hiram’s grandparents live?

Hiram’s grandparents lived in Greenwood Mississippi.

What is the Mississippi Trial 1955 about?

This detailed literature summary also contains Quotes and a Free Quiz on Mississippi Trial, 1955 by Chris Crowe. Murder Trial, 1955 is the story of a white teenage male named Hiram Hillburn who has returned to his hometown of Greenwood, Mississippi in the summer of 1955.

What is the plot of the murder trial 1955?

Murder Trial, 1955 is the story of a white teenage male named Hiram Hillburn who has returned to his hometown of Greenwood, Mississippi in the summer of 1955. Hiram finds that although the town has not changed in appearance, not everything is as it seems.

What happens to Hiram at the end of the trial?

The trial goes on with the defense constantly discrediting the witnesses. Hiram is never called to be a witness, but he stays for the entire trial. After the two men are acquitted of murder, Grampa is relieved and happy that Hiram will get to go back to Arizona.

How does Hiram see his life in Mississippi in retrospect?

There, Hiram saw his life in Mississippi in retrospect. He explains that it was in Arizona that he realized how thoroughly racism shaped his experience of Mississippi. He returns to Mississippi to hang out with his grandpa through the summer, and he meets Emmett Till in a river where Till was drowning.

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