What is the 49 CFR hazmat table used for?

What is the 49 CFR hazmat table used for?

The Hazardous Materials Table usually referred to as the HMT or the Table, governs the transportation of hazardous materials by all modes air, water, rail and highway.

What are Table 2 hazardous materials?

49 CFR Section 172.504 Table 2

Category of material (Hazard class or division number and additional description, as appropriate) Placard name
5.2 (Other than organic peroxide, Type B, liquid or solid, temperature controlled) ORGANIC PEROXIDE

Where would you find labeling requirements in 49 CFR?

49 CFR § 172.400 – General labeling requirements.

Which material is listed in an appendix to 49 CFR?

hazardous substances
DOT lists hazardous substances in Appendix A to the 49 CFR 172.101 Hazmat Table. The appendix lists each hazardous substance with its corresponding reportable quantity in pounds and kilograms. The RQ for a material can be as low as one pound or as high as 5,000 pounds.

How are hazardous tables ordered?

Hazardous materials must be listed first OR entered in a contrasting color OR indicated by an “X” in an HM Column. Each basic description must be shown in order: identification number, proper shipping name, hazard class or division numbers (including subsidiary), and packing group.

How many classes of materials are there on the hazardous materials Table?

nine classes
A visor card guide for state and local law enforcement officials illustrating vehicle placarding and signage for the following nine classes of hazardous materials: 1) Explosives, 2) Gases, 3) Flammable Liquid and Combustible Liquid, 4) Flammable Solid, Spontanaeously Combustible and Dangerous When Wet 5) Oxidizer and …

How many tables are there for the hazmat classes?

Nine Classes of Hazardous Materials (Yellow Visor Card)

Who is responsible for labeling a package of hazardous material?

the shipper
Before you offer hazmat for shipment, you—the shipper—are responsible for properly classifying and packaging your material with the correct hazard communications (e.g., marks, labels, and shipping documentation).

Under which of the following conditions may a hazardous materials label be printed or placed on a securely affixed tag?

A label may be printed on or placed on a securely affixed tag, or may be affixed by other suitable means to: A package that is smaller than the label as long as it contains no radioactive material. A cylinder. An irregular package where a label cannot be satisfactorily affixed.

What is un number for hazardous material?

Located on the back or sides of trailers or other containers, UN numbers (or UN IDs) are four-digit numbers ranging from 0004-3534 that identify dangerous goods or hazardous substances — such as explosives, flammable liquids, or toxic substances — in the framework of international transport.

How many placard tables are there?

two placard tables
There are two placard tables (see below). Table 1 materials must be placarded whenever any amount is transported. Except for bulk packaging, the hazard classes in Table 2 need placards only if the total amount transported is 1,001 pounds or more, including the package.

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