What is synthetic-based drilling mud?

What is synthetic-based drilling mud?

Synthetic-based drilling mud (SBM) also known as low toxicity oil-based mud (LTOBM) is an invert emulsion mud with synthetic oil as the external phase instead of oil. This has made SBM’s more environmentally acceptable than oil-based muds for use in offshore drilling in spite of the high initial cost.

How many types of drilling mud are there?

three main
There are three main types of drilling mud: water-based, oil-based and synthetic-based.

What is MI Swaco?

M-I SWACO is the leading supplier of drilling fluid systems, engineered to improve drilling performance, and as such is a vital part of the world’s hydrocarbon exploration and production industry.

What is ppg mud?

In the oil industry, mud weight is the density of the drilling fluid and is normally measured in pounds per gallon (lb/gal) (ppg) or pound cubic feet (pcf) . In the field it is measured using a mud scale or mud balance. Mud can weigh up to 22 or 23 ppg. A gallon of water typically weighs 8.33 pounds.

Why use oil based mud?

Oil-based muds have become more widely used because of their distinct advantages over water-based muds. Boyd et al. list (1) thermal stability in deep, high-temperature wells, (2) increased lubricity in deviated offshore wells, and (3) hole stability in thick, water-sensitive shales as advantages of oil-based muds.

What is oil based drilling mud?

Oil-based mud is a drilling fluid used in drilling engineering. It is composed of oil as the continuous phase and water as the dispersed phase in conjunction with emulsifiers, wetting agents and gellants. The oil base can be diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, selected crude oil or mineral oil.

Is MI Swaco part of Schlumberger?

M-I SWACO became a Schlumberger company in 2010. Innovative drilling fluid engineers are at the company’s core, helping oil and gas operators increase efficiency and lower costs.

What is ppg oil industry?

1. n. [Drilling Fluids] Abbreviation for density, pounds per gallon, more correctly written lbm/galUS. For example, the density of water is 8.33 ppg at 60 degF [16 degC].

What is equivalent mud weight?

Equivalent mud weight (EMW) is the mud weight needed to balance formation-fluid pressure, i.e., it is the formation pressure divided by the depth below the Kelly bushing converted to pounds per gallon (the conversion factor is 0.0519 psi/ft=1 lb/gal).

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