What is Rule 37BB of income tax Act?

What is Rule 37BB of income tax Act?

As per Rule 37BB, any person responsible for paying to a Non-Resident, not being a Company, or to a Foreign Company shall furnish such information in Form 15CA.

What is form 15CC in income tax?

Overview. As per the Section 195 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, read with Rule 37BB of the Income Tax Rules, 1962, every authorized dealer making a payment to a non-resident, not being a company or to a foreign company, is required to furnish statement of such payments Form 15CC.

What is 15CA Part D?

The most common foreign remittance where Form-15CA-Part-D is issued is Sales Commission paid by the Resident Assessee to Non-Resident agent outside India for procuring business outside India on their behalf.

Is Form 15 CA mandatory?

Is it mandatory to submit Form 15CB? No, it is not mandatory to submit Form 15CB. Form 15CB is an event-based form to be filled only when the remittance amount exceeds ₹5 lakh during a financial year and you are required to furnish a certificate from an accountant defined as per Section 288. 5.

Is Tan mandatory for section 195?

TDS under Section 195 Of Income Tax Act The payer needs to obtain a tax deduction account number (TAN) before making the tax payment. This can be done by filing form 49B and is covered under section 203A of the income tax act. It is mandatory to provide the TAN of the deductor for the purpose of tax payment.

How is surcharge and cess calculated?

For example if an income of Rs 100 attracts a tax of Rs 30, the health and education cess would be 4% of Rs 30. This would come to Rs 1.2. Unlike surcharge, there are no thresholds for health and education cess – it is payable by all persons liable to pay income tax.

What is Form V and 15CC?

A Reporting Entity which is required to file form 15CC/Form V can generate ITDREIN (Income Tax Department Reporting Entity Identification Number) and enable any authorized person to upload forms 15CC and Form V with respect to the ITDREIN so generated. You can refer to the Manage ITDREIN user manual for the process.

What is Form V in Itdrein?

Overview. The Manage ITDREIN service is available to all registered users on the e-Filing portal. With this service, a Reporting Entity which is required to file form 15CC / Form V can do the following: Generate ITDREIN (Income Tax Department Reporting Entity Identification Number); and.

Can 15CA be filed without DSC?

Note: You must have registered Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to generate and attach a signature file. Step 5 – On successful submission, the Status, Transaction ID and Acknowledgment number will be displayed.

How can I amend my form 15CA online?

No you can’t make any corrections.No revision is possible for the filing of 15CA form. You need to file the fresh Form 15CA in case any mistake occur in filing. There will not be any problem in that. You just need to file new forms.

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