What is prothonotary in PA?

What is prothonotary in PA?

The Prothonotary is the elected civil clerk of the Court of Common Pleas and is responsible for recording all civil procedures before the court. This official signs and seals all writs and processes numerous other documents of the Court of Common Pleas.

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree in Reading Pa?

Interested or eligible persons can obtain Pennsylvania divorce records from the clerk’s office in the county courthouse where the document was issued. Requesters that wish to receive a divorce record must contact the Orphans Court Clerk of the appropriate judicial district and get a divorce record request application.

How much does it cost to file for divorce in York PA?

York County Divorce Filing Fees Divorce is not free, and you will have to pay York county filing fees in the amount of $333.73. In some cases, when spouses can’t afford to cover the fees, they can be excused from paying them if they ask the court to continue In Forma Pauperis (IFP).

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree in Berks County PA?

Marriage and divorce records may be obtained from the Registry of Wills in the Berks County Courthouse in Reading. Genealogical inquiries are received by email at [email protected] and answered from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 AM to 4:30 PM.

Who is the Philadelphia Prothonotary?

County Prothonotaries

County Name & Address Contact
Philadelphia County Eric Feder Philadelphia City Hall 284 City Hall Philadelphia, PA 19107 phone: 215-686-6652 fax:
Pike County Denise Fitzpatrick Pike County Courthouse 412 Broad Street Milford, PA 18337 phone: 570-296-7231 fax: 570-296-1931

What is the Prothonotary job description?

For civil and criminal jury trials, the Prothonotary / Clerk of Courts calls the jury members for selection, administers oaths, keeps jury attendance records, takes the verdict, files the verdict as judgment of record, distributes.

How do i find divorce records in PA?

In order to obtain general divorce records, it is necessary to contact the court in the Pennsylvania county where the divorce was finalized. Requesting parties can access a Pennsylvania divorce record through mail, fax, online websites, or in person.

How do I get a certified copy of my marriage certificate in PA?

Once the Register of Wills has located the marriage record, you can use the request form to get a certified or exemplified copy of the record. A certified copy costs $25, while an exemplified copy costs $50. The money order should be made payable to the “Clerk of Orphans’ Court.”

Can you date while separated in PA?

Is it okay to date when you’re separated? It is okay, providing you do it right. If you start seeing someone else before you and your spouse decide to divorce or before you physically separate, it is considered adultery.

How can I get a quick divorce in PA?

A mutual consent divorce is a faster divorce process than traditional divorce—you can get divorced in three to four months, rather than the standard two or more years. However, to take advantage of a mutual consent divorce, both spouses must agree to the divorce and sign papers stating that each is in agreement.

How do I get a certified copy of my marriage certificate in Berks County PA?

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATIONS can be requested by email using [email protected], US mail, or by phone at 610-478-6600 subject to the hours above.

How do I get a copy of my marriage license in Berks County PA?

To obtain copies, just mail a check payable to the “Register of Wills” or money order to the address on the website….Marriage Records

  1. $1.00 for Xerox copy of application.
  2. $10.00 for court-certified copy of application.
  3. $5.00 for court certified copy.
  4. $2.00 for uncertified copy of Reading marriages.

What is the prothonotary’s office?

All civil litigation is filed with the Prothonotary. All the records maintained by the Prothonotary are available to the public unless sealed by the Court. It is our continuing mission to operate the office efficiently and at the least cost to County taxpayers. Where is the Prothonotary’s Office located? Do you have forms for all the filings?

What does a prothonotary do in Butler County?

Welcome to the Office of the Prothonotary of Butler County. The Prothonotary is the Chief Clerk of the Civil Division of the Court of Common Pleas. The mission of this office is to provide accurate recording of all civil documents and to improve, through innovation and technology, our record keeping.

Where is the prothonotary in Reading PA?

Berks County Prothonotary Berks County Courthouse, 2nd Floor 633 Court Street Reading, PA 19601

How do I file a prothonotary in Bucks County PA?

Click the link Prothonotary E-Filing and Web Viewer to register for E-filing, file pleadings and/or view case documents. For emergency Family Court filings and Civil Matters that cannot be e-filed, please visit our office in the Bucks County Justice center, 100 North Main Street, Doylestown, PA.


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